Thursday, June 21, 2007

Deck the Halls

I managed to get into a Shattered Halls group last night. It was me (Tankadin), our newly respec'ed Holy Priest, Destruction Warlock, Balance Druid, and Arcane/Fire Mage. We used Charm and Sheep on about every pull.

The run went very well. We had a few wipes, mainly from adds. The worse being when we pulled a 5 group and then about halfway through the fight another 5 group joins up. We had no idea where they came from.

It almost seemed like we were overpowered for that instance. I'll be running it again in the future. I'm way short on Honor Hold rep.

We one shot each boss, and wound up disenchanting most of the drops. I did get my Shattered Halls quests done which means I am now the proud owner of a set of Dauntless Handguards for my Uncrushable set, and a Mantle of Vivification for my PVP/Healer set.
Is it ironic I'm building a PVE Healing set that I hope I never have to actually use outside of PVP? Actually healing in the 5s (5v5) is more akin to PVE Healing. I typically wear less stamina and more +healing. Opposing teams just seem to leave me alone more. In the 2s and 3s, I wear more stamina and spell damage as I'm going to get targeted, and I'm going to need to do a little damage.

My bags are getting mighty full. I keep my 5 man threat/mana set, my uncrushable set, my boss/stamina set, my PVP Healer set and my 5v5 healer set on me. I guess I could go to my bank and switch stuff out but my bank is pretty full too. I've even got a Retribution Set I'm keeping in there should I decide to go down that path again, and I've kept just about every resist peice I have ever found. I remember well the runs to Maraudon when I was 60 trying to get some Nature Resist gear for AQ.

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Bacon said...

Welcome to the full bag syndrome Honors. WOW needs to give us hybrid classes 20 slot bags.