Friday, June 15, 2007

First step into a larger world

The night started out well with me and my Marksman Hunter partner (Paymon) doing our 2v2 Arena games. We did really well, went 12-4, and raised our rating quite a bit. It seems like my spec is much more an asset in 2v2 than in 5v5. I wear the Teir 2 recolored helm that just screams "I'm a Healer", but then fill in with tanking/spell damage gear. Melee DPS has a hard time taking me down. Range DPS has to deal with a mail wearing, machine of death in my partner. It was a lot of fun. I look forward to the patch so I can spend the 2000 Arena points I've saved up, and get our rating reset to 1500. I think we can make some noise in the 2v2 bracket.

So last night, I attempted my first Heroic dungeon, Heroic Slave Pens. My group was me (Prot Paladin), Discipline Priest, Balance Druid, Fury Warrior, and an Assassianation Rogue.

Just from the first pull, I could tell things were very different. I'm not used to trash mobs hitting me for 2000+ damage. Ouch. That's with over 12k armor. I decided to go for a stamina heavy build for the night. Unbuffed I was at 10.5k and 489 defense.

After we got adjusted to the fact I couldn't have 3 or 4 beasties beating on me and hope to survive, the run started going well. We one shot the first boss and second boss. Two boss, two badges, and I'm that much closer to my Libram of Repentance.

It was the next few pulls that really proved difficult for my group. They were 5 pulls consisting of two warrior types that feared, and caster type that mind controled, a pet that feared, and a caster type who nuked. On top, of that was a patrol of two big warrior types who had a really big circuit.

Our first wipe was due to sap breaking a bad time and pulling the patrol. Next up, Righteous Defense bugged out and a aggroed the patrol from a good 40 yard away. Then on the next pull of this type, our Moonkin got mind control and hit (not crit me) for over 4000 damage. Lakini, I love you, but that starfire, it hurt. Plus when he got mind controled, the mobs gained Moonkin Aura. Wipe.

So we finally make it to the last boss, Quagmariann. He does this acid spray thing that hits everyone in a cone area in front of him, and he spits poison on the whole party. Our first attempt, he decides to spit at our Priest, and promptly kills her. Wipe.

I've got to figure out how he chooses targets for his spit. When he switched to the priest I thought I had lost aggro, and promptly taunted, which didn't work, but put Righteous Defense on cooldown. Thanks!

After that it was getting late and our Fury Warrior and Priest had to go. We subbed in the Holy Paladin and Fire Mage from my awesome Botanica run.

First couple of attemts with the new group, Quag again went after the healer with his spray. Dead healer. Wipe.

On the next attempt, I decided I was NOT losing aggro. I charged in, poped the wings*, whacked him upside the head with my shield**, threw down a Consecrate, and a Judgement of Righteousness. This time he sprays me, so I'm on the only one taking the damage. The Holy Paladin heals right through it (Sevenn is an awesome healer), and we put the big green giant down.

He drops like 6 things. A Badge of Justice (of course), Shackles of Quagmirran (AP Leather), Pauldrons of Wild Magic (Spell Damage Mail, Epic), a Primal Nether, Bleeding Hallow Warhammer (Spell Damage Mace), and the Ace of Furies which I won.

I now only lack the 6 of Furies, and the 8 of Furies to complete the deck and get DarkMoon Card Vengence. Of course, I'll have to wait until the Darkmoon Faire is in town, but if I've got the cards and its in Mulgore, you can bet I'm going to take a tour of the happy cow level.

*aka used Avengers Wrath
**aka used Avengers Shield


Bacon said...

Grats on the run Honors. Did this run give you any insight on what to expect from tanking in Khara? BTW, I still don't know how to use those badges, but then again I don't have any.

nibuca said...

Hiya, just popping in to say hi.

I added a link to you from my blog

Look forward to seeing more.

Honors Code said...

@bacon: Sort of, well, no, not really. Things in there hit really really hard, but Kara will be another step up entirely. With Heroics, it's like going from JV to Varisity. I'm afraid Kara will be more like the playoffs/State Championship.

@nibuca: I'm glad you like the blog well enough to add a link to it. Good luck and have fun.