Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Good Teams Play on Wednesday

So Honorshammer went back to the Arenas last night with PVPed In My Pants. It was an exercise in frustration for most of the night.

We seem to get the same team about 5 times in a row. This team consisted of two so called 3 minute mages. These mages have the ability to pop a bunch of 3 minute cooldown and increase their DPS to the level they kill someone in 2 shots. Their team was really good at doing something to CC my little dwarf self. In the time it took for me to use my Trinket or Stormform or whatever I could do to get out of the CC 1 or 2 of our players was gone. We lost every match against them. The silver lining was that we only lost about 3 ratings points per match. Losing so few points indicates we were up against a much better team, and they showed it. They were probably as frustrated seeing us all night as we were seeing them. I'm sure after the first couple of "LOL, we pwned those nubs" games, they were probably hoping for a new team to play as much as we were.

Our final two games were against a different team, albeit we got this team two games in a row. We won the first and lost the second. The difference in my mind was the map. In the first game we got Lorderaeon and in the second we got Blade's Edge. Our team really struggles with Blade's Edge. It has a couple of pillars that range DPS can use to really make it tough for our heavy melee DPS to get to them.

On another Arena front, I think I've found a possible solution to my issue with Honorshammers spec. I spent his talent points to be a tank, and a very good one at that. But nearly all those talent points are not very helpful in Arena. It's almost like I need to be Holy for Arena and Protection for Tanking. Furthermore, I'm getting to the point where I really need to be a full on Protection spec (49/12) and that makes me very poor for Arenas and PVP.

Enter Daily Quests. With just 5 daily quests I can get the gold I need to respec from Holy to Prot, or Prot to Holy. It would certainly help with the respec costs. I've heard of Prot Warriors doing this (Prot for raid days, Arms for PVP days). Sure, it will take some gold, but it could be cool.

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