Monday, June 11, 2007

I want to be a farming ranger...

Over the weekend I helped some guildies do Shadow Labs and get a couple more people keyed for Karazhan. The Aldor reputation turnins were dropping pretty good. I wound up with 2 Fel Armaments and about 30 Marks of Sargeras.

This insprired me to go do some Aldor quests out in Shadowmoon at the Ruins of Ba'ari. Now at first I hated the place, because the dang Ashtongue Workers would run off and grab some friends. Now, normally as a Prot Paladin, I grin a bit when I get adds, however in this place there are a ton of portroling mobs including a shaman type with a nasty AoE fire totem (ouch), and a Satyr/Demon type that has a Mortal Strike ability. Thanks, guys! Of course, after having a runner cause me a death/repair bill, I remembered that old friend, Judgement of Justice. I literally could kill these guys if I was AFK now. I'm sitting at halfway to revered with Aldor.

So last night, I once again go to Steamvaults. This was my 7th run to the place. Joy. The last guy Warlord Kalithresh has two drops, Breastplate of the Righteous and the Devilshark Cape. The Devilshark is the best cape I can get for my little Tankadin for a long, long time, and it's never dropped, not once. I did however get a Ring of the Silver Hand which is nice for my 5 man tanking and soloing set.

I also made a real find out of game from Maintankadin. Eloff of the Alterac Valley Server has made the gear spreadsheet to rule them all. I can finally see in glorious logical mathematics what I should be wearing. Both of us favor a mitigation approach, so we evalute gear in very similar ways. Way to go Eloff!! You can see his work at

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Bacon said...

Grats on the drop, Honors!

You have inspired me to write a blog as well.