Friday, June 29, 2007

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Last night was our Arena night with my 5v5 team, PVPed in My Pants. We went about .500 for the night. Actually at one point we were over 1500 rating, but we slipped down again after losing some matches late. We had a couple of matches glitch out where we neither gained nor lost points, nor had a game credited to our won/loss column.

Our team is starting to come together. We still need more practice. Sometimes we just burn through the other team, and most of the time we give a good accounting of ourselves even in defeat. Our worst game was against a 5 mage team. They simply burned us down one by one. I couldn't out heal their dps.

We run a two healer team with me and a Resto Druid. We need to get better coordinating our healing. Either we need assigned targets or I need someway to know who he's healing. More than once, I was winding up a heal on one of our team, only to see him healed to full while another teammate of ours died. If I had know my other healer was healing him, I could have healed the guy who died.

I also got to see another Tankadin in the arena and we played frisbe with Avenger's Shield.

After Arena was done, I jumped on Rabbitslayer, my Warrior for a little bit. He's a fun alt, but only level 21, and I'm trying to catch up to a real life friend who made a character on AoS. He has a mage whose level 31.

While I was on Rabbit, our BeastMastery Hunter, Jadgelf, came on and was looking for a Steamvaults run so he could get to Revered and keyed for Heroics. I volenteered to tank and we got a Warlock from our guild, DarkDescent to come as well, but everyone else was busy in instance so it was time for a PuG. We found a ShadowPriest and a Holy/Discipline hybrid Priest to join our party.

I'm a bit overgeared for normal 5 mans, so I wear a heavy mana, spell damage, and defense outfit. I have 485 defense, 300 spell damage and about 9k life. It's the two Righteous pieces I've had drop (Legs, Helm) along with mostly Netherstorm quest rewards. We were burning through the place.

The ShadowPriest mind controled a mob on nearly every pull. We didn't really need the CC, but he was having fun, so I didn't mind. At one point, he feared a mob into another group, then I got feared into yet a 3rd group. Our Warlock was like "Awesome, Seed of Corruption time." Our Priest was like "Man, I might have to actually use a Greater Heal". Our Hunter trapped one, and put his pet (an Owl) on another. No deaths.

The first boss gave us some trouble. I'm so used to running with Heroes and I figured everyone had done the fight by now. I mentioned "Watch the AoE" in party chat before I pulled, but DarkDescent and the Holy Priest had not done the fight before and got hit by the Lightning Cloud of Ghastly Demise. Our Shadow Priest dropped ShadowForm and threw a couple of heals on me so we three manned the first boss down without wiping.

2nd boss was cake, and then it was on to Warlord Kalithresh. This was my 10th run to Steamvaults and I figure this guys got to be tired of seeing me. We didn't get enough DPS on the first tank, so he got an enrage, which made the fight a bit tougher. We got the 2nd tank down in time and he dropped shortly thereafter.

Jagdelf got revered which means he can run Heroics now. Its really good because Jagd is a very good Hunter, who can CC and contribute DPS while keeping excellent control of his pet.

And then it happened. Yes, it dropped, finally. The Devilshark Cape. The best tanking cape in the game, in my humble opinion. I had expected I'd be excited or happy when I finally got it, but the emotion was much closer to relief.

With the Devilshark on my back, I'm just 6 Badges away from being Uncrusable. So my priorities now are:
1. Run Heroics to get my last 6 Badges.
2. Botanica for my Righteous Shoulders.
3. Daily Quests and mining to get the money to pay back the guildy who loaned me 700g to buy the Solid Star of Elune recipie off the Ah.
4. Mechanar, Arcatraz for Sha'tar Rep.
5. Wait for the blacksmith who can make Green Fortress to get back from vacation/moving and get my bracers made.
6. Run Kara when my guild has a tanking spot.

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Bacon said...

Holy Honorshammer, you got your cape! GRATS!

As for arena healing, I'm going to look up some mods or macros during lunch that may help us. What happens is that my heal takes 3 secs to cast, so in arenas I use Nature's Swiftness making my Healing Touch instant. When I saw Lou about to drop I should have said something before I healed him. Sorry about that.