Sunday, June 17, 2007


So Heroes Inc takes its first brave steps into Burning Crusade raiding with Karazhan.

First, our group. The tanks, Main Tank was none other than your humble author (Protection Paladin), offtank was a Feral Druid (Zadorr). Our true supporters and healers were a Resto Druid (Baconstrip), a Holy Paladin (Sevenn), and a Balance Druid (Lakini). Our face melters, I mean DPSers were Assassiantion Rogue (Sylvara), Fire/Arcane Mage (FaceEraser), Feral Druid (Origami), Marksman Hunter (Paymon), and an Elemental Shaman (Wichita) who was tearing it up.

We started clearing the trash leading up to the first boss Attumen. The horses feared and we had a single bad pull because of it, but pretty much it went okay. I wasn't as shocked by the hits as they were in line with what I was taking in Heroics.

Then we get to Attumen. I was take him while the Feral Druid got on Midnight, then I took them when they formed. I had the Feral stay Bear and try to stay #2 on threat. This was because I'm not uncrushable in my gear and I was worried that a bad string of Crushes would kill me.

It never happened. Halfway through the Feral Druid went Kitty and we one shot Attumen on our first ever attempt in Karazhan. Not bad.

Next we moved onto Moroes. His trash gave us all kinds of problems, and we were a bit short on crowd controls. We tried him twice and never got very far. We never even got all the adds down despite drawing a favorable group (Prot Warrior, Shadow Priest, Holy Paladin, Ret Paladin). We had accomplished more than we thought we would for our first night in Kara, so we called it.

It was amazing. Raid tanking is everything I thought it would be, and I loved it.

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Jacob said...

I wish I could have been there. Good write up. - Dark