Friday, June 22, 2007

Karazhan....Take Two

So Heroes returned to Karazhan last night.

Our group was
Me (Protection Paladin)
Zadorr (Feral Druid)
Sevenn (Holy Paladin)
Resto Druid (Baconstrip)
Resto Druid (Lakini)
Destruction Lock (DarkDescent)
Arcane/Fire Mage (Brambles)
Marksmanship/Survival Hunter (Paymon)
Shadow Priest (Darolynn)
Assassination Rogue(Lou)

We started once again with Attumen. Just like our last run we had little problem getting him down. Is it possible to have a boss on "farm" status two nights into an instance?

After that we decided to try Moroes again. The trash gave us less problems than before, mostly because we knew it better. I tried to skip a couple of pulls, but that turned out to be a bad idea. We accidently aggroed them and that caused a wipe.

When we finally got to Moroes, we had a Priest for shackle. We drew an interesting set of adds (Mortal Strike Warrior, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest). We had our Priest shackle the Warrior, and the Hunter trap the Holy Priest, the Feral off tank the Holy Paladin, and DPS down the Shadow Priest.

The fight started out pretty ugly with one of our Resto Druids getting mana burned right off the start and losing our Shadow Priest. No worries though, a Battle Rez and a couple of mana pots later, they were back in the action.

Our CCers did a tremendous job of keeping their adds under control. We also got really lucky with Moroes Garrottes. I got one which I could Stoneform out of. Our Holy Paladin got one. Bubble for the win! Plus both myself and the Holy Paladin have the improved Blessing or Protection cooldown talent. I was able to BoP two people out of Garrote.

We dropped Moroes in one attempt (2nd attempt overall for the guild). I actually remembered to put master looter on and manage to distribute the epics without messing it up. Still no tanky loots in any of the 3 boss kills.

Enboldened by our success on Moroes we thought about what we should try next. After a brief discussion we decided to try the Opera Event. Honestly, I've been looking forward to this fight for some time. I was pretty excited.

We had some problems with the trash. The Spectral Performers self buff and start to hit really really hard. Eventually we made it past them and had our Rogue scout out the event for the night.

Rumolu and Julianna. I was a bit excited as I've read that Rumolu is one of those bosses where Tankadin's really shine.

We got Julianna down, then Rumolu. Then you have to fight them together. We were doing okay, but then I went down. I'm not sure exactly what happened and I forgot to log my combat log. I don't remember hearing my healer saying anything about going out of mana, so I can only conclude that I got a bad string of crushes and the burst killed me. Once I went down, it was pretty much lights out on the raid.

Once more, we had accomplished more than we expected and we are making much more progress than we ever thought we would this quickly.

I've got to work my gear up to get uncrushable. Step one will be finishing the last 2000 rep I need to get my chestplate for the Aldor. After that, I'm pretty sure every other upgrade I need is a drop, and I've had terrible luck with the "big" drops I needs (Devilshark , Righteous Spaulders, anything from Kara).

Everyone is enjoying Kara. We are all like kids with a new toy, can't get enough of it.

On a sad note, we had our Fire Mage from our first run decide to leave the guild. I never like to see that happen, but if he wasn't happy in Heroes, he needed to find a guild where he could enjoy himself. I hear he's landed with a really good guild on our server. Hopefully we'll see him around Shattrath sometime.

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