Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More than one way

Last night, our entrepid band of Heroes took on Quagmarrian and his cronies in Heroic Slave Pens.
Our group of Heroes included:
Honorshammer (Prot Paladin - me!)
Sameth (Discipline Priest)
Baconstrip (Resto Druid)
Lakini (Balance Druid)
Wichita (Elemental Shaman)

An interesting group for a Heroic. Veteran WoW players will note a serve lack of crowd control options in this group, which considering how hard the trash mobs hit for, is generally considered a "bad thing" by most of the WoW populace.

Undaunted by our seemingly poor group setup, we charged into the Slave Pens ready to do battle. Our first strategy was to have the Priest mind control, only to discover that Blizzard conveintly coded the mobs with a mind control immunity.

"Thou shalt bring proper CC to your instances, thy healers shalt heal".

So we came up with the odd idea of trying to AoE tank them. This is an area of particular strength for my little dwarf. I felt very confident in my ability to hold 3 and 4 and even 5 mobs from a strictly threat standpoint, however, from a surivivability standpoint I was dubious. Mobs in Heroics, even the trash mobs hit HARD, really HARD, like 2k-3k damage hard.

So basically you had Sameth and Bacon healing me as much as they could. Sameth on the big heals, Bacon throwing HoTs like nobody's business.

And it worked. We moved through the instance taking the 3 and the 4 pulls. Lakini and Wichita have some sick DPS so they would focus fire one target then move the next. My health bar was jumping around like a kid who got ahold of Red Bull, but after the first couple of mobs in a pull went down, Sameth was actually able to dps a little as Bacon could handle it from there.

Until we got to the Soothsayers. These dudes mind control. One time I got mind controled, which freed up the other 3 naga to do as they pleased. Apparently they aren't tree huggers cause they didn't like Bacon one bit. The next pull with a soothsayer Sameth gets mind controled, so our healing went away.

But outside of those two pulls we did well. All the bosses went down in one shot. Poison cleansing totem with a self cleansing tank seemed to help a lot for Quagmarrian.

Aferwords, one of the group members commented "No way we could have done that without a Paladin tank." That made me feel good to know that I had really contributed to our being able to complete the instance.

I'm now up to 6 badges, just 9 more to go for my Libram. Of course, as has been my lot lately, no tank drops from the entire instance. The last time I got an actual drop in an instance was my Aegis of the Sunbird from Botanica. What really bugs me about the drop system is that you run the instance, over and over and over again, hoping you get the drop you want. It would be nice if Blizzard put something in to where if you hit exalted with a given faction, you could purchase any drop from that dungeon for gold, or make all drops tokens like the badges, something.

After Slave Pens, I switched over to my new Warrior alt, Rabbitslayer. He's just turned level 20 and I'm trying to get him caught up to my friend's mage, AOEs "R" Us, who is level 31. A Warrior is definately a different animal than a Paladin, and so far I'm liking him.

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