Friday, June 29, 2007


One of the cool things I always like was when they would show you the origin of your favorite Super Hero. The episode were Peter Parket gets bit by the spider or Dr. Banner does his experiment with gamma rays.

So what's the origin behind our dashing little dwarf, Honorshammer.

Well on Maintakadin, Kitsuna of Tichondruis got me thinking when he said

"I'm not convinced that everyone of every class hears a "call" to spec a certain way, but I think that protection paladins often do. At some point, against all logic, we decide that we would rather not spam flash of light all day. We'd rather not stay at the back of the raid, and we'd rather not try to fill one of the numberous DPS slots. We hear the call to let big ugly things smack us so that they don't hit our cloth wearing buddies. And those here at maintankadin have answered that call.
When did you hear the call? And when did you answer it? "


I was playing utility in a group that had everything else pretty well covered. It was what I usually did in instances. Throw a heal, BoP if needed, DPS. I was almost all in ret with enough Holy for the interuption talent.

We got to the double giant pulls before Princess. The party asked if I could offtank one. WoW is my first MMORPG, I had no clue what they were talking about. So the warrior (to whom I shall be ever indebted) instructed me to put on my shield, buff Righteous Fury (untalented), and hit the giant with everything I had. The group would down his target first to let me get a lead and then he would taunt off me once his was dead.

I guess you can guess what happened next. I tanked, and something just clicked. I was like wow this cool. I heard the call.

So I went and respeced to Protection and decided to test my spec out on my next quest which involved killing some elite giants in Feralas. These guys were big slow hitters and about the worst mob in the game for me to fight with my new spec. Disgusted I went back to Ret.

I finally hit endgame about 6 months before BC. I spec'ed Holy, and healed through ZG, AQ20 and MC.

Then two things happened. The changes to Prot were announced, and the Outland greens killed raiding.

Right before 2.0 came out, I tranfered to Altar of Stoms and joined Heroes Inc. I stated clearly that my intention was to be a tank. They were dubious, not so much of me but of the class in general.

Now it is to Heroes to whom I owe another big debt. They let me tank through their UBRS, enduring my mistakes while I learned how to tank, and how to use the new abilities Blizzard had given us (Avenger's Shield, Righteous Defense, Spiritual Attunement).

I had answered the call.

I wiped them so many times with not using Avenger's Shield right and aggroing two groups, or taunting off the wrong person (pre-macro), or not holding aggro against the Fury Warrior. But they never once questioned me, or lost faith in me. They stuck with me, and I with them.

I leveled 60-70 as Prot spec, and I'm now one of the main tanks for my guild. I've tanked every instance in Outland, plus Heroics, and the first two bosses of Kara.

I am and forever shall be a Tankadin.


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