Thursday, June 28, 2007

There and Back Again

So last night our band of Heroes returned to Quaqmarrian and Heroic Slave Pens.

The group was similiar to the previous nights run.

Me (Prot Paladin)
Baconstrip (Resto Druid)
Wichita (Elemental Shaman, respec'ed to Resto for our run)
Brambles (Arcane/Fire Mage)
Origami (Feral Druid)

It was nice having a sheep for Crowd control on the Mind Control pulls and Origami could offtank the double Champion pulls.

We wiped a couple of times. Once it was because we thought we could sheep pull and not get the adds. But oh yes, we did. I never got that pull under control and we wiped.

The next wipe was a bit perplexing. It was one of those where I'm tanking away and then BAM! I'm dead. Come to find out that the Mobs were using attacks that were destroying my Armor Rating and the damage I was taking was going way way up.

We wiped one time on the last boss when we didn't our positioning right, but the second time around, we got it. 9 Badges down, 6 to go for my Libram.

Of course, no belt dropped. I don't know what I've done to offend the loot masters but the stuff just don't drop.

After another successful run in Slave Pens, I jumped over to my Warrior alt for a bit. He's all of level 20 now and I got to say, Dual Weilding is fun. Its so different from my Paladin. Instead of slow and steady and outlast everything, its basically a race to see if I can kill it before it kills me.

Also, last night, I found a recipie for making Solid Stars of Elune. This is a +12 stamina gem and highly sought after. I had to take a loan from a member of the guild. I really didn't want to go into debt, but man I could use that recipie and it'll help everyone in my guild to be able to cut those gems. I think , though, given the cost of the recipie I'm going to have to charge my guildies for cuts. I've never done that. Most of the time, I supply the gems, although only on rare occasion do I supply a rare gem. I'm going to start working on daily quests and try to get him paid back as quick as I can. I actually didn't use the buyout on the recipie, but put in the minimum bid, so there's always a chance that I won't get it.

Tonight is Arena and while I'm looking forward to it, I'm kind of leary because it seems you get really powerful teams early in the week.

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