Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend activities

It was a pretty good weekend for my little dwarf.

Saturday night, I went back to Steamvaults once again. The group was me (Prot Paladin), Jagdelf (Beast Mastery Hunter), Paymon (Marksmanship Hunter), Darolynn (Shadow Priest), and Calexis (Holy Priest). This group is what you call easy on the reagents. Paladin Greater Blessing are cast on a class instead of a player and require a reagent (Symbol of Kings). So I only had to cast 3 times to cover the whole group instead of 5.
We essentially mowed through the place. Warlord Kal said hello again, and once again, refused to give up either the Righteous Breastplate or the Devilshark Cape. I'm 0 for 9. Mekinner Steamrigger was kind enough to give up my Steam Hinged Chain of Valor.
I spent a good portion of my playtime this weekend in Shadowmoon, near Legion Hold. I was farming for Marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments. These are items you can turn in for Aldor rep. I was finally able to hit revered and buy my Vindicator's Hauerbruk. I had Wichita (Resto/Elemental Shaman) make me a Vindicator's Armor patch for that bad boy. I also helped Jagdelf and Paymon complete the Weapons of Illidari quest.
Sunday night, I helped Jagdelf and Calexis finish their Zuluhed the Whacked questline.
Then I joined up with Paymon for our 2v2 games. We went 4-6. Once I finally make up my mind on my PVP gear, and the teams start sorting themselves out a bit, I'm sure we'll improve. All the ratings were reset, so you don't know if you are playing a top rated team from last season or a bottom feeder.
After arena, I was invited to tank Shadow Labs. I'm not keyed for Lower City Heroics, so I jumped at the chance. The group was me (Prot Paladin), Jadgelf (Beast Mastery Hunter), Calexis (Holy Priest), Origami (Feral Druid), and Wichita (Resto/Elemental Shaman).
The run was quick and painless. The only problem I had was not taking enough damage. Yes, you read that right. I was taking little damage, so I needed little healing, so I got back not much mana. I had mana problems much of the night. It was never a major issue because by the time I ran out the mobs were dead.
This was one of the first times I seen a really good use of Lightwell. On the 3rd boss, the guy who calls the voidwalkers to heal him, we used a kiting strategy that seemed to work well in the past. Calexis put a Lightwell down in the path we were kiting him. So he'd teleport us up on the platform and start to AoE. I'd jump down and head down the hallway, stop by the Lightwell for a quick heal, and get into position. We only got teleported 2 times.
Both of the dungeon runs felt very easy and we never felt we were in danger of wiping. Its so weird because the first couple of times we ran Steamvaults or moreso Shadow Labs, we were like, this is HARD! Now its just feels easy.
Also on Sunday night, I may have witnessed a first in the history of our server last night. A Prot Paladin (me) got a whisper from a PuG to tank Botanica. Now, I had already told the group I would do Shadow Labs with them so I had to turn them down. I asked the player how he knew I was Prot, he responded, 'I did'nt, I was asking every Paladin online. You were the only one who said you were Prot, all the others are Holy'. Hopefully, he'll remember me, though I'm not a fan of doing PuGs outside the guild. It's not that I think they are doomed to failure, or even that I worry about my tanking ability anymore, though that used to be an issue. It's more that I'd rather run with my friends in the guild. Every time I run outside the guild, that's one less time that I'll need to run the instance.
I'm still looking to upgrade my gear so I can be a better tank. Most of what I need is drops or Heroic badge turnins.
One of my guildies found a guy selling the blacksmithing plans for the Boots of the Protector. They are some of the best Protection Paladin boots in the game. I ran over to the forums to post a bid for them, only to realize they are a BoP recipie, meaning they can't be traded by the Blacksmith once he makes them. /cry.
One other crafting note, I really don't understand people sometimes. I've been trying to get a piece of armor made, Bracers of the Green Fortress. I put a post on the Realm forums asking to get them made. I have all the materials except for a nether. A person responded on the forums for me to contact about the Bracers. I do. He ignores me. /boggle. The only thing I can figure is that he can't make the Bracers and was just trying to pull a joke on me. Okay, some people find entertainment from that I guess. I did locate someone else who is willing to make the Bracers but he needs to get a nether from a Heroic. He's also in the process of moving and won't be on much for the next 3 weeks. I guess its up to Attumen as to whether I get to pay that guy for his nether. If Attumen would be kind enough to drop his bracers, I can give or sell all this Primal Life (20) and Hardened Adamantite (6) I've been saving to get the Bracer's made.

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