Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well that was quick

As I was finishing up the Scarlet Monestary on my Hunter, I got a tell asking me to tank Botanica. Now it was late and I really should have gone to bed, but the Righteous Shoulders drop off the next to last boss in Botanica, and they are really nice. Sha'tar rep is a nice bonus as well from that instance.

The group was me (Prot Paladin), Holy Paladin, the Elemental Shaman from my Steamvaults group, an Ice Mage, and a Beast Mastery Hunter.

The Botanica features alot of caster type (low armor) mobs that the group just tore through. We had a pull of 6, followed by a pull of 9, and the coup de gras, an unintentional pull of 11 including some non-elites. Everything, even the bosses died really fast, and I was holding aggro like a champ. The High Botanist only transformed into a tree one time, and only one person got sacrificed by the demon boss.

But, as the night had gone, no Shoulders. I did however pick up the Aegis of the Sunbird, which is better (from a mitigation and avoidance perspective) than my Netherwing Defender's Shield.

My guildmates are gaining more and more confidence in my ability to tank. At one point the Holy Paladin even commented on how little damage I was taking, yet, I never seeemed to have mana problems, probably because the stuff was dying so fast.

Just about every one of those guys (save the Hunter) are slated to be in the Kara group. The way we tore up Botanica makes me think we actually might have a chance to do some damage in Kara.

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Bacon said...

Grats on the shield Honors. And YES, you are one hell of a Tankadin. It sounded like an awesome run.