Thursday, July 19, 2007

All Dressed Up, but Nowhere to Go

Our run in Kara last night had to be aborted because one of our players lost power and got dc'ed.

I was totally excited to be trying a new boss for the first time. We only made one attempt at Curator. We got him to 80%, even though we didn't have any significant AR in the raid. We really need to identify and gear up our Bolt Tanks so we can do better against him.

I wanted to reschedule the attempt to another night, but there wasn't a night that worked well with everyone. Its really disappointing, but I have my bad nights as well. Some people were reluctant to add a 3rd night to raiding. I understand that, but to me, it really isn't a 3rd night. It more akin to a baseball game that got rained out and completed the next day or so. But I understand some people not seeing it the way I do.

I am worried that we will burn out the healers. Our healers, like most of the people in my guild are more than just guildmates to me. I consider them friends. I don't them to burn out on the game because I enjoy running with them. DPS and Tanks sit out raids, but our Healers have to go to nearly every single one of them.

People sometimes ask me "What's the rush?" with Kara. I guess I don't feel like I'm rushing. I want to see new bosses, experience the fights, see the content that I'm paying for and that Blizzard put their time and resources into. I've done AB, AV, WSG, and Eye a thousand times. I know the areas pretty well. I've never even seen what Mt. Hyjal looks like.

There is so much of the game I haven't even seen yet. Bosses, Zones. I want to cross swords with these great characters I loved so much in Warcraft. Kael'thalas, Lady Vash, Archimonde, even Illidain himself.

People didn't stop leveling when hit level 68. I don't see why they would want to stop leveling now. Sure you don't get xp anymore or a bigger number in your level, but you are doing the same thing. Progressing your character.

Maybe I'm a bit more hardcore than I have cared to admit to myself. I don't see myself as hardcore, but I guess its a matter of degrees. I of of myself as rich and I don't look rich compared to Donald Trump, but to someone who makes minimum wage, I probably look wealthy.

In the same way, I don't see myself as hardcore compared to the hardcore raiders who raid 4 times a week and enforce specs and whatnot. But to someone who just wants to run Kara once a week, I probably look hardcore.


Bacon said...
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Bacon said...

I deleted the original because I left something out. :P

I wonder if all of us are ok for the Curator. I just question my mana pool after our one attempt last night. I can probably change some of my strategies when it comes to healing in that fight (I've done this with Moroes and Maiden) to conserve mana. But had we gone on through the night, I doubt I would have had the mana to do this fight? Or are we taking too long to DPS him down?

Also (and I'm just throwing this out there), should we "farm" the lower part of kara for a couple of weeks and then take a shot or two at Curator once both groups are at the same pace? I don't know.