Friday, July 13, 2007

Arena Night

Oh yes, it's Arena night
And the feeling's right
Oh yes, it's Arena night
Oh what a night (oh what a night)
This is your night tonight, everything' s gonna be alright
Cause it's Arena night, o what a night.

My apologies to Kool and the Gang for butchering their song there. As you can tell from the tone of my post, Arena went much better last night. I think all of the practicing and theorycrafting and losing we have been going through has finally started to pay off.

Our communication, especially between me and our Resto Druid (Bacon) was much improved. The other teams could lock me down from time to time, but either Bacon or even our Boomkin (Lakini) would get a heal on me and I'd be good.

Arena master is really helping with target selection. Although, I think surprise may be one of our advantages. It seemed after we beat a team, we had a tougher time if we played them again.

We even beat a two Paladin team which had been a real bane to us in the past. Our rating is still sub 1500. That's okay. We are still getting points. I'm several weeks from being able to purchase my next upgrade. I'm really torn between the new Shield that's coming in 2.2 or my PVP Chest piece.

After Arenas, some Heroes from my guild decided to do some Arathi Basin. I was reminded quickly why I hate PuG battlegrounds so much. Pretty much Alliance was 5 capped both games. The only upside there being a quick mark.

Under my current PVP gear acquisition strategy, I need 100 AB Marks, but only 10 AV. Did some Horde person make up these requirements. My epic Cape takes 20, and the Epic Healer Belt and Epic Healer Neck take 40 each.

Which brings me to my conundrum concerning my mount. In a BG, with my spec (8/41/12), mana is at a real premium. I generally run out each fight and have to regen between fights. I hate having to use that precious mana for my mount.

I guess the easiest solution would be to buy a Ram. They only cost 100g. But I've always wanted a Mechnostrider. It would take 146 runecloth turn ins to get me Exalted with the Gnomes, or I could by the PVP Mechnostrider for 30 AB, 30 WSG, and 30 AV tokens. As hard as AB tokens are to come by, I'd hate to have to spend them. However, right now, I'm working towards my upgraded PVP trinket which requires 0 Marks. I could use AB to get the Honor for my trinket while getting Marks as well. Plus, at some point, Heroes will do an organized AB weekend. Those simply rock.

Organized PVP with my guild is amazingly fun. Sure we lose some, but we win some too.

I've got so much to do with Honors. He needs rep from various factions, more drops, PVP gear. I'm having a blast with the game right now.

And I managed to payback the guildy who loaned me the money to buy the Solid Star Recipe. Big thank you for the loan. This is the second time I had to borrow money from someone in Heroes. Last time it was to get my Charger. I always try to pay people back as quickly as I can. You never know when you might need a favor again, and I want people to know they can count on me.

It looks like I've got a decent shot at a tank spot in Kara tonight after my group couldn't go on Sunday.


Bacon said...

Get yourself an AV Ram from the Alterac Valley guys north of South Shore. I think they cost about 30 AV marks (could be 40). They are alot cheaper. I just look like a dork on mine.

Bacon said...

One last thing, if you grind the honor points in AV for the new Medallion of the Alliance (trinket), then you'll accumulate those AV marks in no time. It seems that is the one BG the alliance knows how to win.