Monday, July 9, 2007

Crash and Burn

For the first time Heroes was to attempt two nights of Kara. As the time for the runs drew near, the server was acting very strange. Horrendous lag, people dc'ing out of nowhere. At one point, we thought we would have to call the runs.
There were a bunch of people from the first night who didn't make it the second night, so we had to origanize the groups. We had the added complication of people having Raid IDs from Friday night, so we had to keep people with the same Raid ID together.
We put everyone together in one big raid while we got everything sorted out. We were running behind because of the server issues so half the people were already at Kara. I guess they got anxious and zoned in while we were all in the big raid. All the new people got Group 1s Raid ID, so Group 2, my group, was sidelined.
Even with that, we still would have needed a PuG druid even to have a second group.

So for everything I've put into my character and I see two bosses in Kara for the entire week, only getting one down. Group 1 gets 4 bosses down, two being Guild firsts.
I'm really disappointed with how this week went. This is supposed to be a game, something I do for fun. This weekend was not fun. This weekend was stress, disappointment and aggravation.
I can only hope that next week goes better.

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