Monday, July 16, 2007

Deeper In, Deeper Still

For some crazy reason I always think about the song "How Bizarre" by OMC ( when I think about Karazhan. Part of the chorus goes "How bizarre, how bizzare, how bizzare" and I always think like "Karazhan, Karazhan, Karazhan".

So anyway, Sunday night we returned to Karazhan. The group composition changed a bit from Friday.

Fridays group was Prot Paladin (me!), Feral Druid (Zadorr), Hybrid Holy/Disc Priest (Tanzi), Resto Druid (Baconstrip), Hybrid Balance Resto Druid (Lakini), Fire Mage (Faceeraser), Afflication Warlock (Regolas), Beast Mastery Hunter (Skat), Marksman Hunter (Schmedlap), Combat Rogue (Agamegnome).

Sundays group was Prot Paladin (me!), Feral Druid (Zadorr), Hybrid Holy/Disc Preist (Tanzi), Holy Paladin (Sevenn), Hybrid Balance Resto Druid (Lakini), Arcane Mage (Brambles), Elemental Shaman (Wichita), Feral Druid (Origami), Marksman Hunter (Schmed), and Combat Rogue (Lou).

We started with Moroes. Friday we faces Ret Paladin, Prot Warrior, Shadow Priest and Holy Paladin. Sunday we got Holy Priest, Ret Paladin, Mortal Strike Warrior, and Prot Warrior. We chained shackled the Ret Paladin, and did our best to CC the Mortal Strike Warrior. The Hunter had some problems getting him under control. We used the Holy Paladin to fear (Turn Undead) and stun (Hammer of Justice) to help keep the adds under control. We also caught a lucky break in that I got Garroted twice! This meant I could Stoneform the first one and flash Divine Shield for the second one. Basically when a Prot Paladin flashes Divine Shield aka the bubble, he hits Divine Shield to drop the debuff, and right clicks the buff to remove it. You spend a couple of seconds in the bubble but as soon as you clear it the mob comes back to you.

Moroes goes down in our first attempt. For several people in the raid, this was the first time they'd ever taken Moroes down.

Next we moved onto Maiden. I volenteered to heal and cleanse for this fight. Maiden does a silence every 2 seconds and while I'm sure I *COULD* tank her, its very annoying. YOu have to sit there and spam your buttons constantly. I figured I could help out more healing and having the Feral Druid main tank. It would give us one less melee dps than if I tried to tank. We wiped a couple of times getting into position. Our first wipe was due to the Hunter pet aggroing Maiden. We asked him to put the pet away. I love hunters. In fact, my highest level alt is a hunter. But part of being a hunter is controlling your pet. We wiped again when one of the mages got to close to her getting into position. Finally, we are all ready and set to go. Some people didn't come infront of their pillar enough so I couldn't cleanse them from Holy Fire. Wow, does that thing hurt. It kills people quick. I'm way way out of practice for cleansing. It's been a long long time since Chromagnus. Plus I had Decursive back them. Just spam away on the Decursive button and all was well. At least someone was running a Boss Mod that told me who got Holy Fire'd. Between line of sight issues and me being slow on the trigger, we wiped again.

We collected ourselves and got back into position and this time we got her down. Yeah!

Next it was on to Opera. I was hoping for Romeo and Juliet, even Wizard of Oz would have been okay, but alas, no, we got Big Bad Wolf. Hmm, no fear ward, no warrior. Well this will be fun.

And it was. You see we have this amazing Shaman in our group. The guy is the best I've ever seen. He can time his tremor totem right with the fear and BAM! just like that your back in the action. I spent most of the fight tossing my shield at the Wolf trying to get some aggro while he chased Little Red Riding Hood.

You could really tell when a class that is used to kiting gets it versus one that isn't. Our poor Holy Paladin got eaten twice.

One of the funny things about Big Bad Wolf is that you have to talk to Grandmother to start the encounter. Your lines are pretty normal. Oh what big ears you have! Oh what big eyes you have! But then your line is Oh what phat lewtz you have. I read that over vent and half the guys didn't believe me. I'll screen shot it next time. Then the Wolf shouts stuff like "I'm gonna own you!" Funny stuff and a pretty cool encounter.

Yes, we got him down.

We had some thought about going after Curator, but it was late and a Sunday night so we called it.

It was really nice to have some success in Kara again, even if the drops are not being kind to me. No tanky drops all night. 5 weeks in Kara and the Belt, Bracers and Gloves haven't dropped at all, whether I've been in the group or not.

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