Monday, July 30, 2007

Feeling crabby on Saturday night

Saturday night was our return once again to Karazhan. At first it looked like the run might have to be called off because of a lack of healers. At start time we had only a Hybrid Druid, and an Elemental Shaman willing to respec to resto for the night. We might have also had a Shadow Priest.

We waited around and eventually a couple of more people logged in. My favorite Tree (Baconstrip), and our Holy Paladin (Sevenn) logged on and things were looking up. But now we had 13 people, which meant that 3 would have to sit. We had 3 mages on, so one of them was likely to have to sit.

In the end we sat 3 people who had been on the previous run a Hunter (Schmedlap), a mage (Krawl), and a Warrior (Jenet).

The people who had to sit were understandably upset, especially since they'd been there since start time. Schmed was stuck in Deadwin with his Hearth down. I didn't envy Lakini's (Raid Leader) position.

This left us with just 1 undead CC and 1 tank. So we decided Maiden was our better option for the night.

Now I have never tanked Maiden before, but I've heard she is very annoying for a Paladin to tank because she silences every .5 seconds.

We start clearing the trash to her. After we killed some of the Opera trash to get to her hallway, I went through like I always do. Unfortunately, there was a pat there, that usually isn't. So I start fighting, and then run around the corner. This of course breaks line of sight for my healers. I die. Oops. Of course, we have no other tank to pick them up. The group does as best they can with Earth Elementals and stun locks, but in the end I caused a wipe. I guess I got to equip the dunce hat.

We regrouped, and kept clearing the hall. We got all our assignments doled out and waited for everyone to get in position. But someone pulled as we were all getting to our positions. Now, I'm not going to LA mention any names KINI, but needless to say, I got to pass the dunce hat to someone else.

With everyone in position, I knock back a Elixir of Major Fortitude, woof down a Spicy Crawdad, and wash it all down with some Rumsey Rum Black Label.

I'm sure the guild is thinking, great, we are fighting Maiden and Honor's is getting a drunk. Hey, I'm a dwarf, cut me some slack. Like I've always said "I don't drink anymore, of course, I don't drink any less either".

So we engage. Honestly, I couldn't tell you what happened. I spent the entire fight watching my cooldowns. I had to spam whatever key I needed for that skill and the only way I knew if it went off was to watch it go on cooldown. If I had had to move Maiden at all that fight, I'm not sure I could have done it.

But she goes down. Of course, no gloves. We decide to call it a night as we lacked CC for Moroes. Also, I think Lakini just wanted to get out of there.

I still had a little of time left, so we put together a Shattered Halls run. Remembering that the first boss from Shattered Halls has a drop Lakini needs, we invited him to sub in for the first boss. Of course, he doesn't drop what Lakini is looking for.

The instance went pretty well. I don't think we had a wipe, although we came close on the last boss (Battle Rez for the win!). Kargath refused to give up my Figurine of the Colossus, but I managed to hit revered with Honor Hold.

I am now keyed for each and every Heroic. Also I picked up the recipe for the Dawnstone Crab.

Figurine - Dawnstone Crab
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 70
Equip: Increases defense rating by 32.
Use: Increases dodge rating by 125 for 20 sec.

More defense than my Dabiri's Enigma and a yummy, yummy Dodge clicky, on a 2 minute cooldown. This replaced my Dabiri's Enigma in all my sets.

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