Monday, July 9, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Heroes made its next forray into Kara this weekend. We have well over 20 people keyed so we attempted to form two group. I was asked to lead group 2. It was a real honor to get to lead a group of my fellow Heroes into Kara.
Our Guild Leader is an awesome Fury Warrior named Ferth and he lead group 1 with me taking group 2. We divided up the available players online and headed into our respective instances.

My group was Honorshammer (Prot Paladin), Zadorr (Feral Druid), Faceeraser (Fire Mage), Tanzi (Holy Priest), Agamegnome (Combat Rogue), Elysium (Resto Druid), Origami (Feral Druid), Skatmando (Marksman Hunter), Rorst (Holy Paladin), Domemore (PuG Warlock).

We started clearing Attumen's trash without much issue. We were ready to pull Midnight with plenty of time.

And somehow, I messed up the pickup again when they merged. I consecrated as soon as they despawned and exorcismed when they were targetable, but my Feral Druid offtank still pulled aggro. I don't see how he could have gotten so much aggro so quickly. I'm going to have to work on my pickup. I think after I drop the consecrate, I should back up and prepare an Avenger's Shield, then Exorcism, then Judgement of Righteousness. That ought to tick off ole Attumen pretty good.

It took longer to down Attumen than it had previously. We chalked it up to the Offtank not being able to switch out to cat form halfway through and that I did much less DPS when something wasn't beating on me.
We were only a couple of minutes behind Group 1 and they had gotten a decent head start, so we were feeling pretty good about ourselves at this point.
Onto Moroes.
We started clearing the trash to Moroes and did pretty well. We only wiped once when we pulled a two Stewards while were clearing one of the tables.

Then we began to make attempts on Moroes. The add group we had was Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest, Mortal Strike Warrior, Protection Warrior. We used the same strategy we had used on our previous successful attempts. We shackled the Mortal Strike Warrior and trapped the Protection Warrior, but each attempt we made mistakes. Having one of our 3 healers pretty much on full time shackle duty hurt our healing, and having a hunter on full time trapping duty hurt our DPS. On two of the attempts our Holy Paladin misclicked and put Blessing of Protection on me instead of on the person who needed it. I ended up yelling at him over vent, and felt pretty bad about it later. He seemed to take it okay.

Moroes needs a fairly well coordinated group to defeat and we just didn't have it. We tried it with various arrangements, putting more and more pressure on the offtank to hold two or even three and stay #2 on threat on Moroes. It just didn't work.

We had far too much melee to think about Maiden. So when Moroes trash respawned we decided to reclear and try once again. It was on this second clear of Moroes trash that the Boots of Elusion dropped. My first Kara epic!

We tried Moroes twice more before calling it a night. Adding to the frustration was watching our first group one-shot Attumen, Maiden and Moroes. I was really disappointed that I wasn't in on our first Maiden kill. I guess it was unrealistic to think I'd be maintank everytime we killed a new boss, but after doing that for Attumen and Moroes, I guess I got that in my head.

Looking back on it now, I somehow ended up with a group of new recruits to Heroes while the lions share of the group I had been with previously was now in Group 1. The upside was most of the people in my group had fun (with the exception of me, Face and Zadorr).

After the runs were over I got with Ferth in a private channel and basically bitched, moaned, and complained for a good 30 minutes. Ferth, to his credit, let me vent at him without too much reaction.
This was the first time we had ever tried to go with two groups so I think its only expected we made some mistakes in putting the groups together. Its easier to see that now than after a two hours of wipes on Moroes I guess.

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