Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mech Man in a Jade Skull

Tuesday night, I logged on a bit late and missed a previously scheduled Mechanar run. It was my good fortune that another group from Heroes wanted to do Mechanar that night as well. So we got our group together.

Me (Prot Paladin)
Origami (Feral Druid)
Zadorr (Feral Druid)
Wichita (Elemantal Shaman)
Brambles (Arcane Mage)

3 tanks, 2 dps, but 4 hybrids.
So ofcourse, Brambles main healed. Hey, he had a full stack of Netherweave bandages. Okay, so Wichita healed, I tanked, and the Druids were dps.

The run went very smoothly. I tanked the first boss right where he was and moved him from side to side to try to avoid the bombs. I had to be quick to double hit my escape key when he went red. Hitting him with melee when he's red is bad. I made an interesting discovery, Judgement activates my autoattack. Ouch. Then he'd turn green and I'd only be able to whack him with my caster sword's leet 41.5 dps.

The only time we wiped was on the 2nd boss. She spawns fire elementals and they chase the party around. She also does a Dragon's Breath which stuns me and she goes running after the healers. We lost one of the druids then Wichita and then it was lights out.
We got her on the 2nd attempt. I was so busy running her around that I'm not even sure what happened the rest of the fight. I was just trying to keep her moving so I wouldn't get destroyed by the elementals.

No Mana Wrath for Brambles, but Wichita got a couple of healer pieces for his healing set and I got a Jade Skull Breastplate off the 2nd boss. It's one of the best chests for getting uncrusable and the massive stamina on it is nice as well. Plus I'm closer to revered now, and that much closer to exalted to get my Chest of the Sha'tar.
That's another item off my gear list. Now I just need to decide on an enchant +6 stats or +150 health?

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