Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Alting we will go

I've always had a thing for alts. I love them, but I've always had a hard time getting one really going. They always seem to kind of peter out around level 15-20. Its just hard for me to find a class I like as much as a Paladin.

I've played every class except Warlock to at least that range. I just can't bring myself to play a Warlock, the whole play with demons thing just freaks me out. /shudder

One thing I've learned, I don't like cloth classes. I hate feeling so squishy. Leather is not much better, with the notable exception of Druids.

My problem righ tnow, is a really good friend rolled on AoS. He's got a mage around level 34. I'd love to run with him at that level, but I can't seem to focus on one alt long enough to catch up to him.

So lets toss out all the cloth classes.

That leaves 6.

My Shaman felt too much like my Paladin. Melee, melee, Shock, instead of melee, melee, Judge. My rogue was very hard to keep alive. I keep dying with him. I probably shouldn't make another Paladin.

That leaves Warrior, Hunter, and Druid.

We've gotten a ton of Hunters in Heroes right now. I've gotten a Hunter to 50 hordeside, so I know the class pretty well. They seem to have to prove themselves on a DPS front almost as much as Paladins have to prove themselves on a Tanking front.

Warrior would be really nice. The ideal tank, I'd never have to worry about groups. Problem being around level 20, it really started to feel forced. I don't know if I just don't enjoy the class, or I'm just not into leveling again.

Then there's my druid. He's got a lot of the versatility I love so much in Honors and shapeshifting looks like it'd be a blast, but it'd be multiple gear sets again and the constant "You should be a healer" mindset I have had to fight so hard on my Paladin.

Of course, I could just run my buddy through stuff and help him get to 70, but that's going to take a while. I doubt I've got the playtime to keep up with him and keep Honors going. Of course, I'm getting close to the point where all the "upgrades" for Honors will only be available on Raid nights, so it would be nice to have an alt.

I had hoped that blogging this would help me collect my thoughts and help me reach a decision, much like my "Destination Unknown" post did. So such luck this time.

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Nibuca said...

I know you discounted the warlock.. I did too initially.. but sometimes it nice to go for the polar opposite.

Ignoring the whole "I subjugate demons" thing..

- never out of mana
- Squishy .. but with a nice big Minion to protect you
- Acknowledged most OP class in the game

I have to admit.. it's nice to go from the class that seems to be one of Blizzard's whipping boys (Paladin) to the golden child (Warlock).