Friday, July 27, 2007

Searching for Shoulders

Wouldn't it be just my luck, but last night, not one but two Botanica groups were trying to form. One for normal mode, and one for Heroic.

I have two major upgrades I can work on by running Botanica, and either mode would work just fine.

The Heroic group was short a healer, and the non Heroic was short 1 to 2 people. So while the gruops figured themselves out, I went and ran an AV. I actually got a couple of heals and was able to tank a Warmaster. Unfortunately, I ran out of mana. This usually doesn't to me. The only conclusion I can draw is that I'm begining to over gear for trash. This means equiping more INT, and Spell Damage in my Trash set.

After my AV was over the person doing the Normal group was not online, so I joined the Heroic group.

We were still short a Healer. The group started out as Me (Prot Paladin), Zadorr (Feral Druid), Darolynn (Shadow Priest), and Faceeraser (Fire Mage). I chuckled to myself. A group with a Paladin, Druid and Preist, and what we needed was a healer.

So I asked Ferg, a Priest who I had run Old Hillsbrad with back when I was working on getting keyed for Kara, to come heal. He did a great job, but he never got below 50% mana.

Heroic Botanica is one of the easier Heroics I've done. I don't know if it was just because of Face's Crowd Control or what, but it was much much easier than Heroic Mechanar.

Unfortuneately, Ferg has to leave after the first boss. So we decided to see if we could 4 man some of the trash pulls with me healing, and Zadorr tanking. With Darolynn buffering my healing with her Vampric Touch and helping my mana regen with Vampric Embrace, I was able to keep Zadorr up for the trash. We decided to grab DarkDescent (Destro Lock). We'd figure we'd wait until we wiped so we could rez at the summoning stone.

It didn't happen. Then unfortuneately, Darolynn had to go. Luckily for us, Sevenn (Holy Paladin) was online and agreed to help us out. I went back to tanking and Zadorr went all MewMew.

We cleared the rest of the instance with little problems. Except for the 3rd Boss, The Tender. We decided to skip him at first. We went back to try him after we finished the instance. We almost got him on our first try. But our second try was worse and we called it. The guy is really tough. He drops aggro constantly and can't be taunted, then runs into the party and does his AoE fire thing.

We called it a night. Of course, ole Laj refuses to give up my Righteous Shoulders. There are like 4 options I have for shoulder upgrades, but Righteous is the best of the lot.

I did get some Sha'tar rep and 4 badges so it wasn't a complete loss. Also managed to snag a Large Prismatic Shard. I'm need about 16k more rep for Exalted. That's about 8 full clears of Botanica. Ouch. It'll probably take at least that many runs to get my shoulders though. I'm going to wind up knowing Botanica as well as I got to know Steamvaults trying to get my cape.

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