Monday, July 30, 2007

Storming on Friday

Busy weekend all around. Let's start with Friday night. This was our guild's Eye of the Storm night.

Now at first, I wasn't going to go to Eye of the Storm. Our guild leader has been asking only people who can go the full time to come to PVP nights. I knew I couldn't stay the entire 3 hours, so I had resigned myself to an evening of grindin', minin' and questin'. After the first game, I see we have less than half a full group on, so I ask for invite.

So what is it like as a Protection spec Paladin in Battlegrounds? How much can I contribute?

Quite a bit actually.

I am very good at escorting flag carriers. Blessing of Freedom and healing really help get the flag home.

In addition, I'm a very good choice to defend a point. As a Paladin, I'm very hard to take down quickly, especially if I have Divine Shield available and they don't bring any Priests.

Finally, I contribute simply by the fact I have a heal button. Healing in PVP is rough. There are always multiple people who need heals and the damage coming in is incredible. I've had many of teammate go from 80% life to 0% in the 2.5 seconds it takes for me to cast a big heal. With my paltry +healing (around 600), my fast heal (Flash of Light) just won't get the job done, so I end up using Holy Light almost exclusively.

I try to be strategic in placing my heals. My priority to heal the squisher healers, then the least squishy DPS I can, but most of the time I'm presented with so many targets that need healing, I just try to heal the one who is lowest on life, hoping we can keep our numbers up and win the fight. When you start getting down on numbers in a BG fight its over. 7 Horde versus you is going to be a quick trip to the Spirit Healer.

One thing I really need to work on in BGs is developing a sense for how the fight is going and bugging out is we are losing. It's better to leave 1 or 2 Alliance being finished off by 7 Horde than to wait for those 7 Horde to gang gank me.

I'm within about 1000 honor of getting my upgraded PVP trinket. It has a much shorter cooldown (2 minutes as compared to 5 minutes) and it has resilience! I should also have the Arena points to get a new piece of Armor on Tuesday, however I may be holding those points for a bit, but more on that later.

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