Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vengence is mine

"So what now, Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound?" - Captain Barbosa

The plan couldn't have been simpler.

Step 1: Take the boat to Theramore
Step 2: Fly to Rachet
Step 3: Ride through the Barrens to Mulgore
Step 4: Talk to the guy at the Faire, get my Darkmoon Card: Vengence, hearth out.


Only one small problem, I play on a PVP server. Everything is going dandy until I get to the Faire. There is only one level 70 Horde there, a Tauren Shaman riding a Raptor. He was standing close to the NPC I had to talk to to turn in my quest. I calmly walked by him, and started to talk to the NPC.

I hear a dismount. Great.


Okay, it's basically just me and him around, so I figured......

After a few moments, I see Earth Shield go up and watch an instant heal to full life. Great, he's resto.

What insued was one of the longest PVP battles you may have ever seen. Resto Shaman versus Protection Paladin.

Now I've been fighting Shaman's for a long time, so I know some tricks to help me. Heal after the Frost Shock, because Earth Shock is on cooldown.

I made an interesting discovery, with Improved Concentration Aura, you can eat a EarthShock and still get a heal off before the Shock cooldown is up.

Very shortly both combatants were out of mana. Well that's what Seal of Wisdom and Judgement of Wisdom, and Mana Tide Totem and Water Shield are for.

I was wearing my solo gear. In that gear I have about 8.7k life, 6k mana and about 400 spell damage. I can only guess he was in some sort of healing gear because his Healing Wave was taking him to nearly full.

So we would whack each other down to around 50% then we'd heal up and start the process again.
So finally it dawns on me to switch to Seal of Vengence and get a d.o.t working on him. Finally I'm able to get him down to about 30%. I hit him with a Judgement of Vengence, and then Consecrate. He was getting low so I see him winding up his big heal. I nail him with Hammer of Justice, then Hammer of Wrath lights up. I let it fly, then quickly Seal Righteousness and Judge.


(I have a mod that plays that whenever I get a Killing Blow in PVP, I don't hear it very often).

And then, he Anks (self Rez). The dude blew a 60 minute (40 minutes with talents) cooldown for me. I was touched.

At this point, I had two options. Blow my own cooldown, Lay On Hands, and fight him again, or try to fight him with little life and no mana.

I'm a Protection spec'ed Paladin, I take not dying to an artform.

So here we go, Seal Wisdom, Judge Wisdom and let's go. Unfortuneatly, by now (15 minutes at least after he attacked me), more Horde have shown up, including a Shadow Priest. The Priest managed to keep me feared (why I didn't have my PVP trinket equiped I can't tell you), and they burn me down.

So I rez, and make sure my Bubble is not on cooldown. I rez as close to the NPC as I can. The Shaman attacks me again! Dude, do you really want to go through this again? I don't.

So I bubble, calmly talk to the NPC and get my DarkMoon Card: Vengence. With the card now in hand, I turn to fight the Shaman. This time he gets a mage to counterspell me, and down I go to the Mage & Shaman.

I rez for a final time and the Shaman is no where to be seen.

So I decide I need to make a grand exit. I take the elevator up to Thunder Bluff and aggro as many guards as I can. Everyone in the place starts attacking me. Around 40% life, I hit the Bubble.....and Hearth!

That was a pretty cool night. I wish I had gotten more done, but I got my sweet 51 stamina trinket, and gave a good accounting of my class.

I wonder if that Shaman will post on the Realm forums?

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Chrominix said...

Great blog. I am a protect spec and I felt like i was reading an epic wow comic book!