Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whos Afraid of the ...

This is my 50th! post. Wow.

(This post brought to you by the word, RWAR! RWAR, filling Fuzzy Bears with rage since 1807)

Tuesday night and Heroes Inc gears up to attack Kara. I was 99.9% sure I wasn't going last night but it turned out we had enough for two groups again.

My illustrious band of Heroes was:
Me (Prot Paladin)
Zadorr (RWAR!! Feral Druid tank with a metric ton of hitpoints)
Baconstrip (This guy makes me a tree hugger, Resto Druid)
Witchita (Elemental Shaman respec'ed to Resto for the night)
Tanzi (Hybrid Priest)
Faceeraser (Flame on! Fire Mage)
Brambles (What's your hurry! Arcane Mage)
Jagdelf (giving Hunter's everywhere a good name)
Sylvara (He slices, she dices, and makes thousands of jullienne fries)
Darolynn (Dark Lord of the Shadow, awesome shadow priest)

Attumen? Sit down!

For Moroes, we got a Shadow Priest, Holy Paladin, Prot Warrior, and Ret Paladin. We shackled the Ret Paladin, burned down the Shadow Priest, trapped the Holy Paladin, and burned her down once the Shadow Priest was gone, and basically ignored the Prot Warrior.

We still only had one Blessing of Protection. So when someone got Garrote we had them move towards the tanks. Our shaman used his chain heal which hit the Garroted person while Tanzi (Priest) cycled HoTs. Our Shadow Priest handled shackle duty. My cooldown was backup in time for me to save Bacon (Rest Druid). We also caught a lucky break in that I got Garroted (Stoneform For the Win!, go go dwarves!)

We had some discussion in the raid as to whether we wanted to go for Maiden next or Opera. The raid was split about 50-50, so Zadorr and I decided to do Maiden.

Now I was the only Paladin in the raid. But I'm a main tank right? RAWR! Me tank! Me no heal! RWAR!

No siree! It was time to strap on the healbot gear, and get my little cleanse finger ready.

You see a dead boss is better than me slavishly insisting I tank every mob in the place, plus I hate the way I have to spam all my buttons just to get my skills off during the silence.

We actually managed to get into position without aggroing her. I was a bit slow in the trigger finger and lost our hunter. (I'm really sorry, Jag!!) I was however, really good at keeping Zadaorr with Blessing of Sacrifice so I could heal him through the Repentance. I had to bang a mana pot at the end, but hey, that's why you bring them.

Now it was on to Opera. Our victim for the night was Big Bad Wolf. Yes, I got a screen shot, your line really is "O what phat lewtz you have".

I don't know why but Big Bad Wolf seems to enjoy turning my healers into Little Red Riding Hood. We lost two healers fairly quickly. Never underestimate the power of BattleRez. We also lost Zadorr who had gone all MewMew for the fight.

Once again our Shaman (Wichita) was johnny on the spot with Tremor totems and we spent almost no time Fear'ed.

And we did manage to get him down. I had started to complain a bit about the lack of Plate drops in Kara. 6th week killing Attumen and only (non healing) one plate drop to be seen. But them The Wolf gives up:

Of course now I've probably messed up my loot Karma and it'll be another month before I see a drop, but this is cool. Some wasted Strength, and a tiny bit less armor than my Felsteel, but gobs of stamina. Going to have to drop about 200g to get it gemmed and enchanted.

We might try Curator tonight, but I'm not sure if we will have enough for two groups. Group 1 gets first dibs on any new people as they didn't get as many bosses down. I'd really like to see them have more success tonight, even if that means my group doesn't go. I'm both nervous and excited about trying Curator.

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Rob said...

Grats on your 50th post! You should probably get some work done at your job now ;)