Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Win A-B, Easy as 1-2-3

So last night, Heroes Inc had our guild PVP night in Arathi Basin. This Battleground holds the most interest for me, not so much because I like it better than the others, but that the developers decided the PVP healer rewards take a ton of Arathi Basin Marks. Under my current Master Plan To Take Over The PVP Universe(tm), I need 100 AB Marks.

This was the first night since we all hit 70, that we've been able to field a full AB team of 15 Heroes. We had a blast. AB is so different with a guild group than with a PUG. We felt like we were dictating to the Horde and not the other way around. It was especially nice as a Healer. In a PUG, if I throw a heal, it's like the Horde go "Wow, they actually have someone who is healing, KILL HIM!!" And my PuG mates just keep on killing, yelling for heals, while ignoring the Horde who is killing me.

Now in a Guild group, I get heals from the other healers and the DPS is always helping me out. Of course it doesn't always work that way. During one battle at the Farm, I asked over vent for one of the Priests to heal me.

Honorshammer: Hey Tanzi, can I get a quick heal?
Tanzi immediately turns into a Spirit Healer looking thing.
Honorshammer: I guess that's a no.

Usually I end up defending. It's a role I feel like I'm really good at. The Horde know it will be tough to take a node when I'm on it. I don't really pose much of a threat of killing them, but I can keep them from capping long enough for my buddies to come and destory them. It can get a bit tedious, if the Horde decide to leave my node alone, but I find I like the job better. I know where I'm supposed to be and I'm always there when the action does start.

We won every single game we played, and my AB Mark count was helped considerably.

But the night was not without missteps. The first happening as we were setting up for our first game. We were discussing who should do what Blessing, when one of the Paladins in my guild tells me he only has Might and Wisdom, because he's Holy.


I questioned him. This would be like a Warrior saying he didn't have Defensive Stance or a Druid not having Mark of the Wild. The only Blessings that require talent points to have are Sanctuary and Kings. I could understand saying he didn't have Kings, although most Holy Paladins do put some points in the Protection Tree for it. But he should have had Light, and Salvation (not that you'd use that in PVP). Why wouldn't you train every spell available from your trainer. It would be like the PuG Paladin I ran BRD with on Dark Iron who said he didn't train Holy Light (our main healing spell) because he was Retribution. Seems kind of silly to me. Well that must have come across in my tone or something, because he got pretty miffed.

Of course what he MEANT was that he had the IMPROVED versions of Might and Wisdom and should have been the one to give those buffs.

GG, me.

Worse part is I didn't find out that I had upset him until the day after the Battleground. Apprently, he didn't recognize the voice over vent and went off on one of my mages.


So I magage to upset a fellow Hero. Not good. I would offer to resign my position, but Heroes doesn't have any positions for me to resign. We don't have officers and the like. I feel terrible. I wish there was something I could do to fix the situation, but I'm not sure what that would be.

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