Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Basin and Pens

Saturday night was Guild PVP night for Heroes Inc. We got a nearly full group and did a night of Arathi Basin matches. I try to volunteer for guard duty as often as I can. This is partially because I like it; I know where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing, and partially because I'm good at it. It's going to take the Horde a couple of minutes to get me killed, and long before that the cavalry will have come running.

When I'm not defending I'm running with the flex group and doing my best to keep the other healers and the dpsers alive.

We won about half the matches we went into. We were very inconsistent. We'd beat an organized group and then lose to a PUG.

After Arathi Basin, I was asked if I'd like to tank a Heroic. My shiny new shield didn't have any nicks in it yet so I thought I'd break it in a bit before Sunday's Kara run.

My group was me (Prot Paladin), Lakini (Balance/Resto Druid), Origami (Feral Druid), Wichita (OP'ed Elemental Shaman), and Sylvara (Multilate Rogue).

Slave Pens was the very first Heroic I tanked. I've come a long way. My Paladin needs very little CC in there. I was able to double tank the Greater Bogstroks that used to require CC'ing one. Then, I was able to the double tank the Defenders. These mobs come in a pack of two, hit very hard, see through stealth and are immune to CC.

I think we had one wipe when a caster type mob aggroed to Lakini. The awesome thing about running with 3 other hybrids was we could slip into other roles for a short time. Lakini goes down, but Wich can heal if the mob is close to death. I die? Origami goes Bear and picks up the mob.

We one shot each boss. with me tanking Quaggmarian. He was so impressed with my efforts in the dungeon that he dropped the Girdle of the Immovable. I was very excited and rushed off to gem it up, only to find out that when I equipped it, it raised by stamina by 24 but took me back to the Crushable range. I still need the Shield Block Rating I get my Sha'tari Vindicators Waistguard to stay Uncrushable, so it sits in the bank. The 4 badges from the run took me to 24. That's halfway to the Faceguard of Determination.


Origami said...

Pretty awesome, Honors. I remember when Heroic SP was pretty hard an there was no double tanking those 2 mobs.

However, I wasn't on this SP run.. I think you went with Zadorr. :)

Honors Code said...

You are right, it was Zadorr. My bad.