Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Casual Guilds

Over on Maintankadin, Cames gave this take on more "casual" guilds:

"One of the issues that a lot of casual oriented guilds have is a lack of theorycraft. There may be little to no understanding of crit-ability and crush-ability. There is theorycraft for all sub-types (Tanks, Healers, Melee DPS, Caster DPS, Hunters (who are not exactly casters or melee) and at least one person will have to be into looking at this stuff to progress. This will lead to spec and gear optimization - not forcing people to change - to get higher raid DPS, Threat Generation, Damage Mitigation, and Healing Per Second.

You guys can certainly run Kara without doing this. BUT at some point (Curator is probably the spot), you will get stuck and people MAY get frustrated. If your guild is still gearing up into epics, you MAY wish to even do the animal bosses. The loot is not great, but they are pretty easy. Moroes requires a lot of coordination. Maiden is pretty simple nowadays, but will probably take some work on your point. After that it is Opera - then Curator. Oz is chaotic, and requires coordination. R/J is pretty straightforward - but needs some timing. Big Bad Wolf (Run Away Little Girl) is REALLY easy but takes a bit of getting used to. Curator is really the breakpoint for new guilds."

I think this is a very good explanation of what is going on with the guild. Now I am pretty strong into Tank Theorycraft. You have to be to have a chance as Prot Paladin. But the other areas, I don't have a clue about.

So do we have "at least one person" in our guild looking into the theorycraft of each of the areas? Are the others in the guild willing to take the coaching needed?

I'd bet we DO have at least one Healer, Melee DPSer, Caster, DPSer, and Hunter very much into Theorycraft. Can we identify them?

Hunter - Jagdelf
Caster DPS - Wichita
Melee DPS - Ferth, Origami
Healer - Ferth, maybe Bacon?
Tank - Me, Beilin

This sounds very similar to Ferth's Role Captains idea. I bet he's on the right track with that.

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Origami said...

TBH, I only really know about feral dps issues and gearing and talents.
I have familiarity with rogues since I played one to 60 pre-TBC but I haven't played one since well before their review so a lot has changed and I can't competently say how the talents are or what the best build is nowadays. I think the best person we have for this would be Lou.
On the Fury Warrior side, that's all Ferth.

The Role Captains idea is a good start. As you are attempting here though, we need to determine people we can call on to form a sort of Advisory Council.

I could help with feral tanking issues as well.