Friday, August 24, 2007

Horsing Around in DM

Last night I got to do something I very much enjoy: Help a friend. My buddy Baconstrip wanted to get the epic mount for his warlock alt, Jeyne.

Bacon is one of the nicest and most selfless people you will ever meet. He is always going out of his way to help people, and I really enjoyed the chace to do something for him.

Our group was me (Lvl 70 Prot Paladin), Regolos (Lvl 70 Afflication Warlock), DarkDescent Lvl 70 Afflication Lock), Wichita (Lvl 70 Elemental Shaman), and Jeyne (Bacon's Lvl 60 Lock alt).

The final step of the Dreadsteed Quest takes place in Dire Maul West, which ironically was the instance I had to run on the 3rd step of my Charger Mount quest. In fact, we had to down the boss that releases the Equine Spirit that is part of that quest. Seeing that spirit walking around the instance again brought back some good memories.

We cleared to Immothar and killed him. Apparently, he's the twin brother of the summonable Boss in Heroic Mana Tombs.

Then Regolos starts the event. He releases an imp who puts down a Bell, a Wheel, and a Candle. Then waves of mobs start coming out. This must have been really intense when the level cap was 60, and the only tanks were Warriors with no Thunderclap in Defensive. We, however, had a Paladin tank. I was able to gather up most of the mobs and keep them on me. The only problem I had was holding back on my threat cycle because I was worried about Mana.

I never did the event when the level cap was 60, so it was interesting to see. Bacon got the Dreadsteed for his alt.

After we were done, we threw together a short Shattered Halls run. Bacon and a couple of others in the guild need rep. Our group for this run was me (Prot Paladin), Bacon (Resto Druid), Sylvara (Multilate Rogue), Origami (Feral Druid), and Regolos (Afflication Lock).

I tried to push the limits of the group by pulling as quickly as I could. I must say there are times when I hate my blue rage bar. It seemed like the biggest limitation was my mana. I wasn't getting hit hard enough to need enough heals to keep my mana up and I had to drink between fights. I guess if that's the worse thing I can complain about, it was a good run.

Kargath was kind enough to give up a Figurine of the Collosus. This is a really good trinket for AoE situations. When activated, I get healed for 120 everytime I block for next 20 seconds, and I can use it every two minutes.

For bosses, I need a Defense trinket (Dawnstone Crab) and I love my Darkmoon Card Vengence for the stamina and the threat. Collosus is potentially better than Vengence depending on how often I block. If I can get more than 5 blocks, then I would get more health from Collosus than Vengence. 5 blocks in 20 seconds requires a 4.0 enemy attack speed assuming all attacks are blocked.

I was really happy to get it to drop.

There was a Shadow Labs group forming as I logged off, but it was already midnight and I needed to get some sleep.


Odius said...

Congratulations on getting the trinket. I've been farming it for a while and he just won't drop it for me. Definitely good fun for AOE farming!

If mana is an issue because of lack of heals perhaps it's time to start downgrading your gear from raid gear to some real paladin tank gear(sta/int/def/spl dmg). It may make the runs go faster for you. of course I can't really talk I'm only running about 45 minute SH :(

Galoheart said...

Congratz on the nice trinket. I'm putting that on my list to get "Figurine of the Collosus" I looked up that Dawnstone Crab trinket very nice too bad only can be used by a Jewelcrafter... bummer!

Jewelcrafters seem to get all the nice crafted BOP. I hope in the expansion they at least give alchemist a change to craft some BOP crafted amulet thats as usable as JC.