Monday, August 27, 2007

Inversely Proporational

Friday night saw Heroes back in Karazhan to continue our run from Tuesday night.

This time around it was
Me (Prot Paladin)
Zadorr (Feral Druid)
Wichita (Shaman, spec'ed Resto for the run)
Lakini (Dreamstate Druid)
Baconstrip (Resto Druid)
Agamemgnome (Combat Sword Rogue)
Sylvara (Multilate Rogue)
Condramous (Arcane Mage)
Regolos (Afflication Lock)
Jagdelf (Beast Mastery Hunter)

Right from the start we can tell this is going to be a very different run from the other night. We wiped on the very first pull. We had some new people in the raid, and I forgot to explain the mobs to them well enough.

We managed to clear up to Illhoof room, wiping at least twice along the way. We get to Illhoof and layout our strategy. There were two major problems. One, I couldn't seem to get aggro on the little imps. They were going after our Warlock who was loading up Illhoof with Seed of Corruption.

The larger issue seemed to be the Chains. We knew we'd have to switch over DPS to them when someone got sacrificed. What we were unprepared for was how fast the Chains would take someone down. Often the Chains would kill someone before our healer's could get a heal off. We tried both Druid and Shaman healing but both had trouble keeping the Sacrifice alive. Even when we would get a couple of heals on them, the Chains stayed up too long and people died.

We never got him close to dead.

So we decided to skip Illhoof and Aran and move to Chess. I love Chess. Its a fun event and almost zero chance of wiping, so you can kind of relax on it. We beat Medivh in one try.

Our time was getting short so we decided to take a shot at Prince. I didn't explain Enfebble real well and we lost some DPS. Despite getting ideal Infernal drops, we wiped. Our 2nd attempt we got horrible Infernal drops and I got burst down in Phase 2 while our healers repositioned to avoid Infernals.

We got him to about 56% if memory serves.

I felt it was a really good week.

Heroes is getting really close to having two teams, and I anticipate we will field two team within a couple of weeks. We may even be ready to take some initial forays into Gruul's before Zul'Aman comes out. I'm really proud of my guild and my raidmates. Things are coming along very well.

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rmsweb said...

I just checked out a chart with the attunements to the end game content. It sure is complex. I never realized how far behind Robella is compared to most of the guild (not that it bothers me much).

I found the link below in an article I was reading on WoW Insider. It ranks the guilds based on bosses downed using the gear shown in the armory. If you click on our guild name, it will actually show who received what gear from the various bosses. It is pretty interesting.