Monday, August 6, 2007

King of the Valley

Sunday night I was all excited, not about WoW but about the start of the NFL Preseason. I went to turn on the game promptly at 8pm. Only one, small, detail I had overlooked. The game was on NFL Network. Because my cable company and the NFL are in something of a battle over how much of my money they need to exchange, I don't have NFL Network. No game for me.

So back through the Dark Portal.

There were a couple of people from the guild who neeed to do the 5 man quests to get "attuned" to Ogril'la so they can start doing daily quests. I grouped up with them. It was Me (Prot Paladin), Darolynn (Shadow Priest, but healing), Regolos (Afflication Lock), Schmedlap (MM Hunter), and a new mage who had just transfered over from Regolos' old guild.

One thing I leared was that if you yell in Barrier Hills it can be seen in Shattrath. See, right before I engage the boss, I yell "Hey Bossname, IT'S HAMMER TIME!!" People seem to find it somewhat amusing.

We blasted through the quests and had a good time. Reg got a kick out of the party scene at the end, and of course, I once again partook of some nice Ogre Brew.

Unfortuneately we ran a little long and we were right in the middle of the chain when time rolled around for guild PVP night. There was no a lot of interest so the guild leader called the event and started to put together some AV groups.

I joined for a couple of AVs. At one point we had 10 people all able to get into the same AV. With Calexis (Holy Priest), and Baconstrip (Druid) supporting me, I put on my tank gear and headed into the snowy wastes. This particular AV had an unguilded Feral Druid doing a great job tanking the elites. So I offtanked, and kept up Judgement of Light to help buffer the healers a bit.

I tried to help him by picking up a Warmaster (or two) as they came out. Then we got to Drek. The druid got jumped by a Tauren Warrior playing D (the Horde actually play D?), so I picked up Drek. And I held him, and I held him. The Druid eventually got back and taunted off me, but as soon as the taunt debuff wore off, Drek was right back on me. I guess the Druid saw the futility of trying to pull aggro off me so he went all MewMew. All the better because it meant Drek would go down even faster.

I tanked Drek all the way to the end of an AV win for the Alliance, and another Boss fell to the Tankadin. Someone said over vent "Check out all the Honor we just got." To which I replied "Who cares? I just maintanked Drek into the ground, I would have taken 0 Honor for that!"

I was really excited.

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