Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No Longer Functional

Sunday night and my Guild, Heroes Inc, was headed back into Kara. Our mission was to kill Maiden and proceed to make further attempts on the Curator.

Our group was
Me (Prot Paladin)
Zadorr (Feral Druid)
Baconstrip (Resto Druid)
Sameth (Holy Priest)
Calexis (Holy/Disc Priest)
Condramous (Arcane/Fire Mage)
Schmedlap (MM Hunter)
Regolos (Affliction Lock)
Ferth (Fury/Arms Warrior)
Wichita (Elemental Shaman)

I switched out to healing gear for Maiden while Zadorr tanked her. With 2 dedicated healers, and 2 dedicated dispellers, the fight went very well. The Priests group heals really helped after Maiden did her Holy Chain Lightning thing.

She dropped the Shard of the Virtuous which Bacon won.

Then it was on to Curator.

I hate Curator's trash. I hate it. The anomalies absorb all my Holy Damage attacks, and the Mana Feeders drain all my mana out. I usually "tank" the Mana Feeders. It's better that I'm OOM, rather than a healer or Mana based DPS.

So we get all of Curator's trash down, and we are setting up for the fight. I brought everything I could think of. Spicy Crawdads (expensive food), Elxir of Major Fortitude, Adept's Elixir, IronShield Potions, and of course a stack of Super Healing Pots and Super Mana Pots.

We had me on the Curator with Zadorr to the "Bolt" tank and also helping on the adds. We had everyone spread out. When a Flare spawned, Ferth would call out who had the aggro. The other people in the Raid were to move away from that person to help cut down on the damage we were taking.

Again the Priest's AoE Heals really helped with the fight. I concentrated on making sure I kept up Holy Shield. I was not going to get Crushed. I actually forgot to get Wisdom up for the first evocation, so immediately I started to worry about Healer mana.

We got through the 2nd Evocation and things were looking good. Everyone was still alive and the adds were under control.

We hit the enrage, and I banged an Ironshield Potion.

"The Curator.....is no longer.....functional..."

And down the big guy goes! The drops the Mage/Hunter token and its won by Condramous. He also dropped a nice DPS ring which went to Schmedlap (I think).

1 attempt, 0 deaths. Our previous best attempt was around 30%. Everyone was pretty amazed.

I had no plan for post Curator. I thought we would make a couple of attempts and maybe get him down. But seeing as we had plenty of time, we went to check out the rest of the instance. We found the hidden door where Illhoof awaits, and took a peek at Shade of Aran.

I hate the library trash even more than Curator trash. This trash is immune to spell damage. All my threat is Holy damage to which they are immune. Go go Druid tank!

Along the way we cleared to a friendly Consortium vendor. He had a new receipie for me Powerful Earthstorm Diamond. +18 stam. Oh yeah. Now if I only had a Meta gem slot in my Helm, lol.

Regolos was going to lead us to chess, but we had a hard time finding it and we were up against time. So I called the Raid.

A couple of people wanted to stay and see if we could find chess, so I stayed too. Eventually we found it. We grabbed Sylvara and Lakini who had logged on during our run.

We wiped twice on Chess. Well, you can't really "wipe" on Chess per se. The game just resets when you lose. We tried a third a final time. All our pieces were dead except our King. Great, we're done, we all think. Then inexplicably, the Horde King saunters over to our King. They begin an epic tet a tet. All of us are calling out the percentage health that their King and our King are at. Lakini is at the helm of our King and the only left in the game at this point.

And Lakini puts the Horde King down. We all start cheering over vent. It was awesome. And wouldn't you know it, there sat a King's Defender in the Chest. It's great for the magic immune trash and on fights where I don't have to worry about aggro like Curator. You can switch weapons in combat, so I can start with the Defender and then switch to my Crystalforged Sword when I need to ramp up the aggro.

Sunday night was the most fun I've had in a long time. It made all the farming, and grinding worth it.

The only bummer is that we have to start all over again this week. I hope our group can get back to Curator and down him again.

Our next victim? Terestian Illhoof.


Jon said...

Gratz on the guild first, Honors. Being able to clear up to the first Tier 4 drops means that your core group should really be able to rack up some decent gear quickly in the next couple weeks. I love the cascading effect gear has on a raid team. You can feel it even after a short time in an MC run, and that's with 40 people. With a 10 man raid group, the gear upgrades will have an even more immediate effect on your progress and I'd think it's going to be pretty palpable. With the gear and knowledge gained, everything leading up to Curator should now get continually easier... almost exponentially.

Oakensledge said...

Good post Honors! Grats on the wins and also ... screenshots ftw!