Monday, August 6, 2007

PuGing TK

Saturday night there were only 4 other 70s on, when I logged on. I had already knocked out my dailies and was hoping to get a group for a Tempest Keep instance to keep working on Sha'tar rep. Nothing doing in the guild, I decided to brave the world of the PUG (Pick Up Group).

This PuG wound up being me (Prot Paladin), 2 mages, a Holy Paladin and a Rogue (Hearthbraker). The Rogue was actually the one who sold me the pattern for Bracers of the Green Fortress, so I had at least had dealings with him before.

We had some disagreement about what to pull first and how much of the first room to clear. Now as the tank, I figured I'd kind of set the pace for the run, but my pace was a bit slow for this group. I tend to take things a bit slow. I check for Patrols, and try to make sure every pull will go well. The other players got a little careless and twice pulled multiple groups. Now with a guild group, I just would have told them over vent that I could handle it and move on. But someone typed in "RUN!" before I could type anything and I was left alone with a pack of angry mobs.

This happened twice before one of the mages left the group. We replaced him with a Warlock. Then my buddy Rogue started having connection issues. The group replaced him with a Druid. I felt bad for the guy, but I didn't have leader and there was little I could do. Thinking back on it now, I could have asserted myself and told them I would leave the group, if they didn't invite him back, but they said they'd get him in the next run, so I let it go.

The druid showed us a new strat for dealing with the first boss and his adds. It required me to stand in a very specific spot to keep the bombs from pathing up to the party. It took a couple of attempts for me to find the "sweet spot" and get the boss down.

We had a couple more wipes to people being sloppy and getting patrols to aggro at bad times. We did manage to down all the bosses. The group thought I did well and was glad to complete the instance.

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Origami said...

I assume this means you did Mech? It's sometimes good to do runs with PuGs (or at least outside the guild) as they can show you new ways of doing things. When I did Mech the other night with DCL, they showed me a variant on our "pull 1st boss to stairs" method which had me right at the base of the stairs but up a bit so I only got hit by a few mines, the rogue in our group could dps without getting hit at all.
This sounds like what you were shown.