Friday, August 3, 2007

A Righteous Night

I really should help people more. Last night, I was asked to go to Steam Vaults to help Calexis get keyed for Heroics. Calexis is a Priest and a pretty cool player.

Now I've been to Steam Vaults so often the mobs all yell out HONORS! when I zone in (think Cheers....NORM!). But this is the week to help those who need it, and I'm willing to help out.

So the group was Me (Prot Paladin), Calexis (Priest), Schmedlap (Hunter), Robella (Rogue), and Agamegnome (Rogue).

The run went pretty well. We wiped a couple of time when I would pull a pack and get a pat as well. We had some problems with the Naga that fear, but Calexis was spot on with dispell and it wasn't a big problem.

We managed to one shot all the bosses. Most of the drops were vendored since we didn't have anyone to DE. Then Kalithres (end boss) drops the Righteous Breastplate. This the Paladin Dungeon Set 3 Breastplate. I have the Helm and Legs as well. *Curse you Laj, and Nethercurse*

I was happy to get a drop and add it to my 5 man/threat set. The Rogues were quite impressed with my threat and didn't need to throttle back or feint during the run.

We also lost two Heroes last night. Sevenn and Face moved on to a raiding guild. I'm sure they will do great in their new guild. Wichita over at ShamRadio summed up my feelings pretty well, I'm not going to basically post the same thing he wrote in his blog here. He said it better than I could have, anyway.

I never ceased to be amazed that people actually read my blog. I'm glad people are finding it entertaining. Feel free to email me with any questions, or topics you like to see covered. The email is to the left. The link doesn't work for some unknown reason.

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