Monday, August 13, 2007

The Wall

Sunday night, Heroes ventured into Kara picking up where we left off on Wednesday. It was really cool because all of Moroes trash has despawned so we walked right up to Maiden's hall way.

There's a pat that walks through that hallway. I made sure they were gone before bringing everyone in and getting ready. Somehow the stationary mobs pulled along with the pat. Wipe.

I think next time I will pull them into the other room. We cleared to Maiden with little other problems.

We decided to have our Feral Druid tank her, and he did an awesome job. It was nice to see him able to tank some after being DPS on the previous runs. His Feral tank gear is quite good. He actually gimped his DPS most of the night staying in "Bear" gear so he could pick up anything I lost.

Our first attempt at Maiden did not go well. She kept Holy Fire on the Healers and it was lights out. We did a better job with healing the healers the 2nd time around. Wichita's Grounding Totem ate Holy Fires like they were candy. She dropped some cloth bracers and the Healing Totem, both of which we already had. Void Crystals all around!

After Maiden we cleared the room with Karena's Log. Finally managed to pull the room without killing the tank.

Next up was Opera. We got Big Bad Wolf. Of all the opera events, this one is the easiest to me. This time however, I got turned into Little Red Riding Hood. The only thing I can think happened is that I must have lost aggro right before he threw the debuff.

The Wolf dropped the epic healing cloak (gratz Bacon) and the epic Healing Libram, which I took as the only class capable of equiping it. Joy!

With our goals accomplished for the night, we needed to decide what to do. We still had some time left, so we decided to clear up to Curator.

I absolutely hate Curator's trash. Those little mana leeches just destroy my ability to do....well anything.

We finally got Curator's room cleared and discussed the fight. We don't have an Arcane Resist Bolt Eater geared up so we tried it as best we could.

First attempt we got him down to 60% or so. Not bad. Flares were a problem. Origami had to run all over the place to pick them up, and they were killing our healers.

Our second attempt we wiped at 33%. 33%!! Wow. I know we can get this guy, and get someone their Teir 4 gloves.

By now it was getting late and we had already run over our time.

Curator's a really strange fight for the tank in that everything is kind of going on around you. The fight is much more about the Flares than the Curator himself.

It looks like the mantle of Raid Leader is being passed to me. Here's hoping I can lead us to progression without becoming the very thing many of us have tried to get away from.


Origami said...

Honors, I think you will do a good job as raid leader. I think keeping everything transparent will help too.

Regarding Curator. Those Arcane Anomalies are very difficult to control since you can damage them and generate threat. A few more times clearing them and we may get the hang of it. The last pull went better and I just resorted to hitting my taunt everytime it cycled.

As for curator and his arcane bolts... if we have a high dps group I think we should just forgo the Bolt Tank and just go straight dps. Some of those bolts went down before I could get them into position or taunt them off... if Wichita or another ranged dps starts nuking them before I can run up and start building threat, I can't even pull them off (e.g. Wichita crit a few of them and they stuck to him like glue).
If I was in cat form and adding dps, we would have taken them down even faster and that may result in very little time for the bolt tanks to be on anyone.

From what I could see, Aga was having a hell of a time staying alive. He's has to be basically in the range of the chain lightnings to dps the bolts and he can't step back and heal himself like a druid can. This has to be the nastiest fight for a rogue or fury warrior. One time he was bandaging himself and a bolt ran past and shocked him. :(
Hopefully, we can down him next time. I think a S.Priest would be awesome but I don't like to set rigid class compositions for fights. I'm not sure what we could have done differently last night to succeed except maybe have a little more dps going.

Honors Code said...

You have to distinquish between a Bolt Tank and a Flare Tank. You were trying to do both (tank the Flares and soak the Bolts).

The Flares are the little adds that chain lighting. No tank there is a good idea if the healers can keep people up.

The Bolt Soaker is the guys Curator targets with his Hateful Bolts. As I understand it, its the person in his aggor list with the most current HPs. That person could use some Arcane resist to make the healers job easier.

Wichita said...

I agree with Origami in that I think you will do great as raid leader, eventually you'll get the hang of master loot :)

As for Curator, I think we just not run a flare tank but we should have 3 healers. That still leaves 6 DPS for the flares which should be plenty. Having only 2 healers starts to put a big strain on them after the second Evo.

I think we should just start collecting arcane resist gear for everyone, so that there will always be a few options for who can be the hateful bolt soaker. Anyone that is able to get a large amount of hitpoints and resist should be able to do the job fine.

Calexis said...

Honors your a good leader man.

Grats you guys and getting close on Curator!

I know you guys will get hime soon!

Elephteria said...

People should read this.