Friday, August 17, 2007

Winging It

So my Raid Team concept has been accepted. While I'm putting the Raid Team together, I am continuing to lead Heroes raids this week. This is so we don't have to go a week with no raids while I get organized.

Last night I led Heroes back into Karazhan. We had like 15 people show up for the Raid so I had to make the call on who went and who didn't. It really made me wish I had put in the preset teams this week instead of next, so everyone would have known prior to logging in if they were going or not. Some people could only make this run, and not Sunday's, so I gave them priority on spots.

We wound up with 2 Paladins (Me-Prot, Rhubarb-Holy), 3 Druids (Baconstrip-Resto, Lakini-Balance/Resto, and Origami-Feral), a Hunter (Jagdelf), a Mage (Condramous), a Fury/Arms Warrior (Ferth), Wichita (Elemetnal Shaman), and Sylvara (Multilate Rogue).

We killed Attumen with little problem. Most of us know this fight pretty good. We started clearing to Moroes. The group of adds was MS Warrior, Ret Paladin, Holy Priest, and Prot Warrior. We asked Ferth to switch over to his wife's Priest (Sameth), so we could have a shackle. If we hadn't had both the MS Warrior and the Ret Paladin, I would have felt better about trying it with just one CC (Jag's trap). We had two Paladin's, and two Dwarves so Garrotte didn't pose a problem.

I guess we could have had Ferth offtank the Ret Paladin and trapped the MS Warrior, but we got Sameth and were able to one shot Moroes.

The most disappointing thing up to this point in the Raid was that most of the drops were not needed by people. Ferth seemed to be having more fun, cutting up and socializing more than he had been when leading. I was glad to see him having fun again.

Most of the group wanted to do Opera next, so that's what we did.

For Opera, we got Big Bad Wolf, again. Part of me was happy. BBW is about the easiest Opera event you can get, but at the same time, we've gotten it 3 times in a row. I've never gotten Romeo and Juliette down, and never once gotten Wizard of Oz.

We one shot the Wolf, even though he managed to kill a couple of our team. He casts his Little Red Riding Hood so fast, we barely had time to react before Bacon died.

There was some discussion on what to do next. Some people wanted to take a shot at Curator, and others wanted Maiden. We were running very short on time. The only way we could have gotten to Curator in time would have been to do outside and hope that no Horde were there. I decided we would do Maiden.

With two Paladins, Maiden should have been a simple fight. But it wasn't. I blame myself for both wipes. On the first, I missed a cool down on Blessing on Sacrifice and wasn't able to heal Origami through the repentance.

On the 2nd wipe my heal landed 0.006 seconds too late to save Origami and prevent a wipe. So the Sunday group will do Maiden, then take a crack or two at Curator. I really hope we put him down.

I'm still not sure everyone really understands it despite what I feel are my best efforts to explain it. I think once people start seeing the implications of my system, I may get some negative feedback. My hope is that people will come to me or go to our Guild Master before they do something like gquit. But those are problems for another day.

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