Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Farm Status

I think it's safe to say that Heroes Inc has the first half of Kara on "farm" status. This is the definition of Farm Status from WoWWiki:

"Farm status" is a term used by players in reference to instance dungeons and bosses, in particular endgame raid content. An instance is said to be "on farm status" if the guild or raid group is capable of completing the content easily and repeatedly, thus farming loot for the benefit of its members.

The group was Me (Prot Paladin), Origami (Feral Druid), Ferth (MS Warrior), Sameth (Holy Priest), Dlow (Holy Paladin), Sweatyz (Holy Paladin), Lakini (Balance Druid), Regolos (Afflication Lock), Jagdelf and Leeroy (BM Hunter and Raptor), Darolyn (Shadow Priest).

We blew through all the bosses leading up to and including Curator. For Opera we got Romeo and Juliet (or whatever Blizzard calls them so they won't be sued). This is the last Opera event that I had not defeated, and in my humble opinion, its the hardest of the 3. Our group lacked any Rogues this night. This was concerning because Juliet has a heal that she will cast on herself or Romeo that needs to be interrupted, similar to the Bat Boss in ZG. Ferth, our resident MS Warrior, was johnny on the spot with the interrupts. I think she got off one heal. The event got a little tense at the end. Similar to the Tiger Boss in ZG, you have to kill Romeo and Juliet within 10 seconds of each other or the one that is up will rez the one who has died. Origami was calling out percentages on Juliet and I was calling out the percentages on Romeo. We had no Mages, so it was Consecrates, Hurricanes, Whirlwinds, and Dots galore. They both died within a few seconds of each other. There was much rejoicing on vent.

Curator dropped the Warrior, Druid, Priest token. The winner was Origami. Gratz.

No Plate to be seen. I guess after persuading Maiden to give up my Gloves I shouldn't be surprised.

We left Attumen standing for the Saturday group. I don't know what Bosses other than the Chess event we will get down this week, and my schedule will preclude me from any more Kara runs. I really hope the guys can get some new bosses down in my absence. I love being there for Guild firsts, but we need a new boss down soon.


Origami said...

Good run last night. I think our biggest concern with R&J was that Juliette was going down from 20% with only ferth and I doing white hits on her and we were worried she would drop before you guys were ready with Romeo.
I remember saying on vent, "uh, she's still dropping... 15%" and you guys were still calling "60%... 50%" and I was thinking "uh oh". I even stopped auto attacking, she had that many dots and bleeds on her.
All in all though, it felt like it was pretty easy even if Ferth did let her get 2 heals off. *wink*

I don't think we're going to have much success on Thurs. but maybe I've just been spoiled by having a tankadin in my raids. :P

Honors Code said...

I don't think its got much to do with me versus not having me. Aleks is a good tank.

We are moving past the bosses we have downed several times and onto bosses we have never defeated.

Bacon said...

GJ. I'm happy for you guys. Hopefully, we'll get 2 groups running and I can join you guys again.