Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date

Another night, another missed start time. So since joining Bloodsky on Monday, I've made exactly 1 start time and 1 raid. I knew they had 7:30pm starts when I joined the guild adn I thought I could make them most nights, but I was wrong. Looking at the situation I don't see anyway I can improve it without making Raiding a higher priority than it should be in my life.

So what are my options?

Assuming they will let me stay in Bloodsky after my Initiate period is over, it will only as a Social member. I can still get raid spots, but I won't have priority. They generally run Kara about once a week and still do Gruul's and Mag's. So I might be able to get invites to some of those runs. Some of their people are pretty tired of running Karazhan. Of course if I can't make their start times, it doesn't matter what they run.

I could go guild shopping, and try to find a 25 man guild on Altar of Storms that Raids 25 mans, needs a tank, and has a schedule that meshes with my real life a bit better.

I could play any of my alts. Rabbitslayer (warrior), Honorshummer (Hunter). Last night I made Honorsclaw (Druid). My friend who plays Aoesrus has made a Paladin (Aggrosrus) and I got my druid up to around his level (11).

I could stop playing. The new Madden looks interesting and Star Craft 2 will be out "soon".

The other option is going back to Heroes. However, I still want to do 25 man Raids. I just don't know if they will ever get there, so I can't go back unless I'm okay with never doing 25 mans. If I go back still wanting to do 25 mans, then I will leave them again at some point, and it wouldn't be right to go back knowing I'm going to leave again at some point in the future.

Heroes isn't a "Raiding" guild, and they don't want to be. But when you try to please both sides (PVP/PVE) you may end up pleasing no one. Guilds at the end game tend to dedicate themselves to either PVE or PVP. The gear and spec of the players in the guild reflects that focus. The players spend nights where there is not a guild event working on that side of the game (running Heroics if PVE, running Battlegrounds if PVP). With trying to do both, you won't PVE enough for the PVE crowd and you won't PVP enough for the PVP crowd. In addition to really have success on both fronts, the guild would have to be much larger than Heroes wants to be. On any given night, you'd need 35-40 active 70s on, which would mean a guild roster of over 100 active 70s. I don't think Heroes wants to be that large of a guild. A guild that large loses much of the closeness and comradery that makes Heroes such a special place.

I guess we will see how tonight goes.

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rmsweb said...

I vote going back to Heroes where you are appreciated and very much needed/valued :-)

I thought I read on the Heroes board somewhere about going to a 25 man raid in the near future. Since Robella isn't anywhere close to ready for Kara, I wasn't paying that close of attention. Mabe you should ask someone in the guild.