Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My initiate period does not seem to be going real well. Last night was my daughter's night for Dance class, so my wife doesn't even get home until 7, then we like to eat some dinner so I didn't make the 7:30pm invite time.

So I opted to jump on Honorshummer for a little bit and just get away from it all. Eventually I logged onto to Honorshammer. The Guild was doing Void Reaver and Alar. I flew to Shadowmoon Valley to work on a quest there called Ashtongue Corruptors. This is the Black Temple Attunement chain. After getting all 4 fragments, you have to go talk to someone in the Warden's Cage.

I'll be honest I've read that name a dozen times and it never clicked until I did the quest last night.

After you talk to the guy, he sends you to kill one of Illidan's Satyrs. The guy had two imps with him. I put on Fire Resist aura and went to town, downing him with no problem.

I go back and turn in the quest, and he sends me to talk to Akama, the Akama. (Okay, so if you don't know Akama was major character in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne). So I go and talk to Akama and who should be in the cell behind him? None other than Maiev Shadowsong! Illidan's Warden. The Warden's Cage! Of course, it all made sense. How could I have been so dense. Maiev was actually a playable Hero in Warcraft 3. I preferred Humans to Night Elves but she was fun to play around with.

I was actually giving serious thought to playing Warcraft 3 again. That game was alot of fun. I always got destroyed in multiplayer though. At least you knew you could finish that game.

Now some people say you can't "win" WoW, but you certainly can finish it. I guess that's an adjustment for me. WoW was my first MMORPG. With all the other games I've played, you played the game until you 'beat it'. For me 'beating' WoW would mean killing every boss up to and including Illidan. I'd love to do that, but with WoW (and maybe other MMORPGs as well), access to those last few levels (if we can call them that) is controlled by a small segment of the player base, namely the guilds (and the guild leaders) that have progressed to that level. You play by their rules on their time frame or you don't get to play the level (or said anther way do the content).

There are exactly zero guilds on Altar of Storms in Black Temple, which means literally it's impossible for me to finish the game without changing servers. Even at that, I don't have the gear to be anywhere close to useful on that level.

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