Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Mob Formerly Known as Prince

Last night I hopped on Honorshammer ready to take a shot at Prince Malchezaar. We were a little short on people so we borrowed some from a guild called Rise.

Every one of my previous attempts would end with me eating a burst and dying. This always happened during Phase 2, and usually during the enraged part of Phase 2 (from 40% to 30%).

The log would look something like this:

05:46'55.671 Prince Malchezaar gains 2 extra attacks through Thrash
05:46'55.687 Prince Malchezaar's Melee hits Honorshammer for 4292 (257 blocked) 05:46'55.921 Prince Malchezaar's Melee hits Honorshammer for 3868 (257 blocked) 05:46'55.937 Prince Malchezaar's Melee hits Honorshammer for 4474 (257 blocked) 05:46'55.939 Honorshammer dies

There was nothing I nor my healers could do about that.

We went back last night.

I bought a Flask of Fortification off the AH. Once Phase 2 started, I used my Dawnstone Crab everytime the cooldown was up.

I went from facing him with 13.7k hp to 16.8k hit points.

It still took several tries, but I never once died to burst.

We wiped once to a healer moving to avoid an infernal and getting enfebbled and killed with a Shadow Nova.

We wiped again when one of the Locks passed me on aggor and I got enfebbled.

We wiped again at 14% when the group got hemmed in my infernal and then had one land right on top of the them.

But we got him down. Of course he drops the Warrior, Priest, Druid token, a DPS ring, and some bow.

We made several attempts at Nightbane. I had Raydz Main Tank so he could handle the fears, but I don't think we ever got him under 60%. If I'm going to main tank him, I'm going to have to figure out a way to handle his fear. We don't have many (any?) Dwarf or Draenai Priests in Mal Katai to give me Fear Ward.

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Raydz said...

Yeah i jacked up my stance dance on the 2nd attempt, which ended up being our best attempt so take full responsiblity for that wipe. Was really looking forward to seeing some of you guys get his loots. We did down prince though which was a good feeling. I have killed him alot in group 1 and there is never really any wipes or problems, but when we killed him last night and all the people had to work really hard for the kill it was a good feeling.