Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Opening Night

Last night was my first night in my new guild, Bloodsky. I made sure I was as prepared as I could be. I had all my pots, food, etc, and I was at the stone ready to go at 7:30pm.

Then I find out there was a change of plans. Instead of diving into SSC, we are going to Doom Lord Kazzak. We get 40 of us and fly out to fight him. See, Kazzak is an outdoor boss, not in an instance. So we fly out and set up and start to fight him.

My main goal for the night was to basically not screw up. I threw a couple of heals on the Main Tank and the fight was over before it started.

Next up, we flew out to Shadowmoon Valley to take on DoomWalker, another outdoor Raid Boss. We all had to get in groups and spread out. I was a bit surprised at first that I wasn't on the taunt rotation to take him when he did his overrun, but after some thought I can see what the Raid Leader was thinking. I'm brand new to the guild, and they had not done the fight before. Plus, this was a 40 man raid, not a 25 man.

At this point in the evening, I'm thinking, "What have you gotten yourself into Honors?" A couple of 40 man fights where the most I could help was throw a couple of heals before I went out of mana.

After the two World Bosses were down, the Raid Leader paired the raid down to 25 to take on Lady Vashj. This was a progression fight, so they were taking the best geared players they had. That does not describe Honorshammer.

I spent a little while farming Demon Hunter Supplicants in the Ruins of Korabor to try to make some cash, when a couple of other guys who weren't going to Lady Vashj were trying to get a Heroic Slave Pens run going.

I volunteered to tank. We are short a healer and a DPS, so they go looking in LFG. They find none other than Sweatzy and Schmedlap! Man, seeing them was like a sight for sore eyes.

We are moving through the instance pretty well. I think I showed I was competent to the Bloodsky Priest (CJRocks), and Rogue (Phauxx). We are about 5 pulls from Quag when the Guild Leader whispers me and asks if I want to tank an add on Magtheridon.

This put me in something of a pickle. I didn't feel it was right to abandon the group. When you join an instance run you are making a commitment to the other 4 guys to finish the run, but I really wanted to tank for Magtheridon, and show the full 25 man what I was capable of, but it just didn't seem right. So I stayed with my group and declined the invite.

Not five minutes later Phauxx gets an invite to Mag and jets. He is in the negative on DKP and really needs some. I guess I'll learn eventually what a motivator that is. Anyway, we get another Rogue, a guy from Dominion, and finish the instance. We only had two wipes and both on the same trash pull. I kept getting Feared and then the mobs would go destroy the party. I really missed my Tremor Totem throwing Shaman on that pull.

I got 3 more badges which brings me up to 33 total. Another 17 and I'll have enough for a Faceguard of Determination, however; I'm really thinking about saving them up and seeing what comes in the next patch when Blizzard is adding more Badge rewards.

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