Thursday, September 27, 2007

Return to the Arena

Last night I got on really late. I was at practice for a friend of mine who is recording a live CD tonight of their band playing. I'm running the "tech booth". It's me, a lightning guys and the sound guy. I coordinate everything going on the big screen from a computer terminal and give instructions and feedback to the other guys. It's fun, and it's hectic. Tonight will be the live performance so I hope we get a good turn out and that I don't screw up too badly. There are a couple of times where I have to time up a video with the band and if I'm off, it will be painfully obvious.

When I finally did make it on, I headed out to do my dailies. Since I've been helping my buddy all this week, I kind of knew that raiding would be out for me. I flew back to Evergrove and ran into Bacon. I offered to help him with his Dailies but he declined.

I was flying back to Shattrath when I get a message from Jagdelf, a hunter from my old guild, Heroes Inc. He wanted to know if I would do some 5v5 with them.

I agreed, donned my PVP gear and headed into the Arena. This was the first time I've zoned into a PVP zone since I left Heroes. I guess without Ferth and the guys, PVP has just lost its appeal to me. I'm a Raider, what can I say?

This was also the first time I've tried healing in my new PVE centric spec. I respec'ed almost immediately after leaving Heroes, taking every single point out of the Holy tree, and no PVP talents from Prot. No Spiritual Focus, no Improved Concentration Aura. But I can still take a beating.

My strategy involved me being "out front". I have the Mask of Penance and the Season 2 Gladiator Shoulders. I look very much like a healer. Our true healer, Holy for today Rhubarb, would hang back and I would get most of the focus fire. By the time they got me down to where I had to bubble, we usually had at least one of their people out of the match.

We did fairly well, went 6-4, so I'll be looking at about 300 or so Arena points. It was pretty fun. The best moments are watching someone about to die go to fully health with a nice crit heal. You can just imagine the other teams vent.

"Hunter is going down."
")(&*(^&)^ He got healed to full. Where's the healer?"
"Its that stupid dwarf that won't die"


I'm approaching 1500g, still a long long long way from my epic flyer, but it will come.

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