Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sun Eater and Merciless Gavel

I didn't do a whole bunch over the weekend. Friday night was my Fantasy Football League draft. Yes, I am into Fantasy Football and WoW. Is there a support group or something?

I did manage to run Heroic Mechanar on Saturday night. Its amazing how much harder an instance that is over say Heroic Botanica. There are a couple of mobs in there that are really tough. The 4 demon grenader pulls, and the Tempest Forge Destroyers. The Destroyers cast a self buff called Charged Fist. I had a Rogue and a MS Warrior with me. They got "most" of them interrupted. If they didn't it was lights out for ole Honorshammer.

We got to Pathelon and managed to get him down. The party started dying to adds. My healer (Holy Priest with Angel form) died when Pathelon was at about 5-6%. It was just me and him. I poped Lay On Hands, drank a Mana Pot and activated my Dawnstone Crab (dodge trinket), and went to town on him. (How much Aggro do you get by healing yourself for 15k?)

I managed to down him with 534 hit points left. The group was very impressed.

He dropped the Defender's Tanzanite, which I put promptly into my Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden. He also dropped Sun Eater. Now that's a very nice tank sword, however based on the fact that I already had gotten King's Defender from Chess and that I never use anything but my Crystalforged Sword, I passed on the Sun Eater to the Mortal Strike Warrior (and our Guild Leader). He does some offtanking in Kara and I figured it would be better in his hands where it actually might get used. I already have King's Defender for walking around Shattrath to piss off the warriors.

As of today, I have enough points to get my true weapon, The Merciless Gladiator's Gavel. This thing is amazing. Can you say 225 spell damage on my weapon alone? I thought you could. Then add a sweet 40 spell damage enchant. Aggro thy name is Honorshammer.

However, I'm waiting. Season 3 is coming eventually. As I'm having zero threat problems right now, my DPS is only Kara geared, I figured I can wait to see if they drop the price on the Season 2 Mace when Season 3 comes out.

But Honors, you know with Season 3 they will release some amazing Season 3 mace that will make you happy in all the right places. Yes, I know this to be true, however; our friends at Blizzard have said that one will need a 1900 rating in order to wield the Season 3 weapons. I love my team and my guild, but I don't see a 1900 rating in my future. So I will wait a bit, and hold onto the points, while I start saving for my Chest.

I just wanted to say a thank you to all the people who actually read my blog. It never ceases to amaze me that people would actually take the time to read what I write here.

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