Monday, September 10, 2007

Unexpected Opportunity

"Unexpected this is....and unfortunate."

What a crazy couple of days its been. My last post was all about how I was coming to grips with my own casualness and accepting that I'd never see the endgame. The very next day, I receive an invite from a guild named Bloodsky. A 25 man raiding guild working their way through Serpent Shrine Cavern. They were actually looking for a Protection spec'ed Paladin.

I don't know if I can communicate how rare it is for a 25 man raiding guild to actively recruiting a Protection Paladin. Apparently, they have had one, and had good success with him. However, for real life reasons he can't raid as much, so they are looking for another Prot Paladin.

I filled out an application on their website. I was 99.9% certain that they would turn me down. A Karazhan geared tank is fairly useless in SSC. However, it turned out that my current gear was not that big an issue. When looking at my gear, they saw someone who really put some time and gold into his gear with expensive crafted gear like Bracers of Green Fortress, expensive gems like Solid Stars of Elune, and exalted rep rewards like Crest of the Sha'tar. I had done everything I could at my level of progression to have the best gear I could. They saw that and it factored favorably to them.

So then came the hard part, telling my current guild, Heroes Inc. We did our final 5 man together in Shattered Halls. Me (Prot Paladin), Origami (Feral Druid), Lakini (Boomkin), Robella (Rogue), and Wichita (Elemental Shaman).

I've been in Heroes for nearly a year and in that time, I've developed friendships with many of its members.

I started out with them in Upper BlackRock Spire, learning how to use my Shield and my Taunt. Then we went through the Dark Portal and tamed the harsh lands of the Hellfire Peninsula. We traveled the lush hills Nagrand, explored the muck of Zangarmarsh, became kings and queens of Ogres in Blade's Edge and fought on the very front lines of the war in Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm.

We stormed Hellfire Citadel, and cut our way throuh the Serpent Shrine. We conquered in Auchioudoun and flew to the heights to best the Blood Elves of Tempest Keep.

I had a blast, and made a lot of friends along the way.

Ferth and Sameth. You won't find a better guild leader around than Ferth. He has a vision of what he wants his guild to be and does a great job keeping things together despite the multiple agendas people always have.

Baconstrip. You won't find a better Tree Druid anywhere. He does his thing and does it well. I hope everything turns out good with his Mom.

Wichita. Gracious. If there's a better Elemental Shaman around, I haven't seen it. This guys puts out sick sick DPS, and with the way he can slap down a Tremor Totem at the right time, it's like having Fear Ward all the time.

Oakensledge. I've never considered myself a mentor, but I guess in some ways I was to him. I can't wait to see him destorying whatever crosses his path as a Critadin.

Zadorr. This guy could be my wingman anytime. He always helped me setup pulls in Kara and tank those stupid spell damage immune mobs in the Libary.

Origami, my Kitty Druid. I think few people embarce the concept of a Druid like he does. Every fight is a whirl of shifting, claws and jaws.

Krawl. If I could give an award for Most Improved Player in my time leading Raids in Heroes, it would go to this guy. Every week, his gear got a little better from both drops from Kara and stuff he'd get crafted, and his DPS would get higher and higher.

Jagdelf. Simply an amazing Hunter. He was my own little BRK, and I don't think I could pay a higher complement to anyone.

Schmed. I had kind of an odd relationship with him. At first, I thought he was pretty bad. His CC on Moroes seemed unreliable. He was Marksman which I understood to be a lower DPS spec than Beast Mastery. But as I ran with him more, I noticed he was doing better and his CC got better too.

The Spirestone crew of Regolos, Dlow, Sweatyz, and Condramous. I can't think of Regolos without the phrase "dulcid tones" coming to mind.

Lakini. The guy who puts the Boom in Boomkin. I'm still convinced Wrath has some sort of undocumented taunt component.

Lou. First thing we ever did together was a group quest near Auchindoun. Excellent PVP rogue. He could stealth objectives just about anywhere.

DarkDescent or DoubleD as I'd call him. Once he settles into his spec he's going to be scary.

Beilin who taught me how to work with Warriors.

Brambles/Rhubarb. I always envy people who have the time to have multiple 70s. He went from dishing out the pain to healing it up.

Calexis. Another incredible healer.

Darolyn. I love shadow priests.

Sylvara. Once he got his connection woes fixed, you find out he really puts out some good DPS.

I know I will miss all my old friends in Heroes Inc. Good luck to you all.

/Crusader Aura
/ride away


Origami said...

Our loss is their gain. I don't blame them for snatching you up! We will miss more than 'just a tank' in our guild - we will miss your font of tanking knowledge, your humour, and your leadership.

Give 'em hell in SSC and beyond!

Oakensledge said...

WAS a mentor? Hey if you're still on this server, then I'm keep asking questions man! :) Good luck where ever your aura leads you dude! I'll miss ya even though we never really got to hang out in-game and quest or raid. But I've learned a lot about pallies from you and your advice has saved my bacon many times even though you weren't there to lay down a consecrate and fight with me.

I can't say I understand ALL your reasons because hey, who's gonna understand it all but you right? And so I have to say I think it stink you left but no hard feeling here.

As many of us have said, it's your $15 and you need to spend on what you like to do.

But I wish you well, buddy, see you around in-game and I'll put you on my friends list just to keep track of ya :)

Jagdelf said...


Seriously. I'm really sorry to see you go. If things get lame over there in the land of triumph, I'm sure we can squeeze you back in at Heroes.

Galoheart said...

Wish you all the best on your new opportunity.

Hope your current guild can be gracious enough to wish you well, though they will me mighty sad to see their beloved tank leave.

/cheers for ya