Friday, October 12, 2007

3 Boomkins Walk Into Karazhan

Last night I was trying to get a Karazhan group started when someone (maybe Maxpayne) told me that Luminati was starting one when he logged one. Turns out Lumi logs on pretty late, and it was 11:30pm or so when the group started forming.

I really should have gone to bed, but I didn't. I went with the group. Starbucks is very happy that I did.
Something else I enjoy to going into instances with really odd groups. You could say that our group last was odd. Me (Prot Paladin) and Devona (Hybrid Warrior) were tanking. Helios (Shaman), Lumi (Priest) and Brwndude (Paladin) were healing. Then you had our DPS team. Haust (Moonkin), Knj (Moonkin) and Padamay (Moonkin), Amandate (Rogue, name mispelled), and Bandarno (Feral Druid).

The group had already killed Attumen, so Moroes was up first. The Rogue, who was a former member of Mal Katai, but had moved on asked who was tanking, the reply was "Honorshammer. He's a leetsauce tank." I don't recognize voices yet on Vent, but man, I can't tell you how good that made me feel. I knew the group trusted me to tank.

We start clearing trash, and I notice immediately that this group is very good. The mobs provided less resistance the Detroit Lions defense.

We got to Moroes. The adds are Holy Priest, Ret Paladin, Prot Warrior, and MS Warrior. The shackle the MS Warrior. Our Rogue (really sorry I'm blanked on his name), stunlocked tanked the Holy Priest while Bandarno tanked the Ret Paladin. Devona tanked the Prot Warrior and I was Moroes.

He went down very easily.

And then he dropped this little beauty:

I tried it on and I'm still uncrushable with it. One of the Moonkins happened to have a Solid Star on them, and gave it to me. I still need to get another Solid Star to put in the other slot.
The group was literally amazed to learn that I had only 8 of my 20 slots filled with Epic gear, the rest being blues. One of them inspected me to be sure. As you can see from my armory, I'm now sitting at 9/20 slots epic. They couldn't believe I tank as well as I do with such relatively poor gear. Big props to the guys on Maintankadin for helping me make Skill more important than Gear.
We went onto Maiden. I had Devona tank her and helped keep the Rogue and Bandaro up. Maiden didn't drop her Neck, but she did drop some Plate healing bracers. Brwndude already had them so I picked them up.
They are very similar to my Veteran's Ornamented Bracers from PVP.

Two epics in as many bosses. I'm going to start giving Raydz a run for his money for the title of loot hore.

After Maiden we cleared up to Opera. We got Wizard of Oz. No Hunters, no mages, no warlocks. I tanked Roar. Devona tanked Tinman. Bandaro tanked Strawman. Toto was "tanked" by Haust in Moonkin form. We burned down Dorothee, then Toto, then Strawman, then Roar, then Tinman. Finally we took the Crone. The Eternium Greathelm dropped. Since I was wearing it, it went to Devona who was still using the Greathelm of the Unbreakable (blue). I was really happy for him. Some 2 handed Axe also dropped. Attack Power, mana per 5 and maybe agility, I don't remember. Looked like Hunter loot, but now its 2 Void Crystals on their way to the bank.
We moved onto Curator when my night took a turn for the worse. We had just downed the last track pack when I get disconnected. I tried power cycling my modem, rebooting, everything. Finally I call my ISP, Knology. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I get a tech who informs me that their main router went down and they are working on it. By now, the group has either already killed Curator or called it as it was really late (after 2am EST). I was pretty upset, but these things happen. I had gotten more epics this run with just 3 bosses than I have with entire clears, so who am I to complain.


Oakensledge said...

That girdle is a yummy Ret item too /AddsToMyWatchList

Galoheart said...

I know how those ISP problems can be, had that over the weekend.

Gratz on the loot drops. If only I was so lucky to get a drop from all my runs that I needed.