Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bosses Have Long Corpse Runs

High King Maulgar finally finished his corpse run Tuesday. So of course, we can't let him live. I'm really starting to understand what I need to do on Blindeye. I don't think I'll have a problem again. What is a problem are things like Improved Concusive Shot, Blackout and other "proc" stuns. I have to get him into position ASAP, and I can't do that with him stunned.
He dropped the Hammer of Naaru AGAIN. This time I rolled on it, I lost to Sevenn, but I'm actually glad. He will probably get more use out of it. Brindall got his Teir 4 shoulders, that rocks. Brindall is one of the Main Tanks of Mal Katai, but usually plays his Warlock, Valdrin, for Gruul.
A couple of people had to go after we did HKM. If my opinion, if you can't stay for the whole raid, give up for your spot to someone who can.
We were going to make a go at Gruul when we realized we only had 5 healers on, so we put Gruul off until the weekend. Once the raid was called, someone (no, I don't know who), decided to pull Gruul. Let's just say I was happy my Bubble and Hearthstone were not on cooldown.
I found out during the raid that the Rogue who got the T4 Helm on my last Prince kill has very spotty activity. This irked me a bit. You know, I used to HATE how tanks got gear basically defaulted to them, and maybe I'm being selfish, but dag gum the raid leader should have said something. I'm on every night, and I tank all the time, the better my gear is the better job I can do. Ugh. Of course, the Rogue plays too, and he deserves the gear just as much as anyone, but that T4 helm isn't going to do the guild a bit of good if he isn't logged in. Not to mention there was another Rogue and 3 Holy Paladins in the raid (yeah for half the raid needing the same token).
One of the best moments of the night was getting a compliment on my offtanking of Gruul from Tralic. Tralic is an AMAZING Feral Druid (Heroes readers, think Origami amazing kind of amazing). To have him compliment me was a big step. He's a very influencial person in the guild. This bodes well for my future tanking endevors in SSC and TK. I can't express how exicited it makes me that I'm even talking about realilisticly being able to tank there in the very near future.
I did make what may have been a mistake last night. After we called the Gruul's attempt, Lumi's group started to form up for Kara. It was already late, so I turned them down. I figured I'd run with Group 1 later in the week. Then I see that that Dora (raid leader and part of Group 1) is in their raid. I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm going to try to get a group together for Thursday.
The irony of what's left for me in Kara is that it's all "lower" Kara drops. Attumen's Bracers. Moroes Trinket. Maiden's Neck. Curator's Legs. Nightbane's Shield & Chest.
I could use Illhoof's cloak, but I'm not sure if I'd wear it over the Devilshark. Of course, I could use my T4 hat, but once I get the mats for Engineering, I'll be able to make Tankatronic.
My concern is that I may not be able to get a group going for Thursday or everyone will already be saved and have done the bosses I need, but I can't keep staying up so late with Lumi's group.
Instead of Kara, I was gathering mats for Engineering. I'm in this awful stage where I need 300+ thorium and 500+ fel iron. Ouch. Thank goodness for Crusader's Aura. If you see me flying around Hellfire or booking through Winterspring, give me a wave.

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