Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Step Into a Larger World

Dateline Blade's Edge Mountain - "High King" Maulgar faced off with a band of heroes known as Mal Katai.

For too long, Maulgar and his Council have been working with the evil Gronn, Gruul the Dragonkiller, to terrorize and subjugate the Ogres of the Blade's Edge Mountains. Recently, Knight Lieutenant Honorshammer, a Paladin from the Dwarven village of Coldridge Valley, defeated the Sons of Gruul and was coronnated King of the Ogres by Mog'dorg the Wizened. This was not well received by Maulgar and his Council.

So Honorshammer joined a group of 24 heroes of Mal Katai. Among those joining Honorshammer were fellow Dwarves: Doraelian, Oslo, Araxe, a contingent of Humans including: Raistilan, Sevenn, Maxpayne, Raydz, Seraphcrox, Nightwin, Cellestia, Faceeraser, representives of Gnomergran like Brindall, and wise Night Elves like Celoria, Snowson, Crunkbaby, Lanorah, Destany, Stdbaker, Trelic.

Here we have an exclusive photo of the group heading into Gruul's Lair.

What followed was an intense battle between Maulgar and his Council (Blindeye the Seer, Olm the Summoner, Kiggler the Crazed, and Krosh Firehand).

Honorshammer said "I was assigned to Blindeye the Seer. My first thought was that I should be assigned to Olm the Summoner. After all Righteous Defense is a range taunt, meaning I could taunt immediately after coming out of death coil. A quick excorism on the Fel Hunters meant they would come for me after coming out of banish and not a healer. However, Mal Katai's leadership is experienced and I wasn't about to argue with their plan. The first pull went very bad. I ran in to grab Blindeye. Maulgar saw me and took at swipe at me. Since I was on add duty, I was wearing a Stamina set that left me open to Crushing Blows, and BAM, Maulgar hit me with a Crushing Blow and I was toast. I quickly switched to my fully Uncrushable gear set.

On our next attempt, Crunkbaby used his Misdirect on me so I was able to get Blindeye away from the group. Then one of the Fel Hunters that Olm summons came over and grabbed him. Thinking it back on it now, I should have realized what was going and and grabbed aggro on Olm. Instead I taunted back Blindeye from the Fel Hunter. Well it turns it out that it's taunt is on a shorter cool down from mine so it just grabbed it right back. We managed to get all the adds down but we were short on DPS and healers. I grabbed High King for a couple of hits, but without heals, I was quickly dispatched.

We tried again. Again the pull worked well. What did not work well was my threat generation. Snowson, who must be a very well geared Druid was pulling aggro off me. That was not good. I'm going to have to work on my threat generation in those situations. I was able to taunt Blindeye back and we were able to get him down. Once Blindeye was dead, I helped out on Olm, and then moved to Maulgar. I kept up a Judgement of Light on him to help ease the healing burden a bit. We burned Maulgar down and defeated him."

Reports indicate that Maulgar was guarding tokens that the Sha'tar of Shattrah will redeem for epic Shoulders. Two tokens dropped. One for Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, and one for Warriors, Druids, and Priests. He was also guarding a 2 handed mace, The Hammer of Naaru.

When asked why he had no interest in the mace, Honorshammer replied, "I haven't equipped a 2 handed weapon since my mid 60s. Let one of those awesome Holy Paladins have it."

Further reports indicate that the Gruul the Dragonkiller is furious with the loss of his council. A battle between Gruul and Mal Katai seems unavoidable and imminent.


Raydz said...

Nice Read =)
"a contingent of Humans including: Raistilan, Sevenn, Maxpayne, Raydz, Seraphcrox, Nightwin, Cellestia, Faceeraser"

Im not a human! =)

Honors Code said...

Well you are tall, and I guess the helm hides your ears.

Celoria said...

Honors^^ Thanks for the heroic mech run...was fun as ususal=) Looking forward to the next one.