Monday, October 8, 2007

Back in Karazhan

Friday night I was invited to go with Group 1 into Kara and see how far we could get on one night.

It was me (Prot Paladin) and Raydz (Warrior) doing the tanking, Doraellian (Priest), Celoria (Raven goddess) and Cellestia (Holy Paladin) doing the Healing, and Stdbakerhawk (Hunter), MaxPayne (Warlock), Trelic (Feral Druid), Raistilan (Mage), and Arbethon (Warrior) doing the hurting.

I could tell something was wrong right from the start. I wasn't holding aggro very well and I was trying to raid lead at the same time. I haven't learned Mal Katai's normal symbols as of yet, so I was bit slow at first.

We managed to down Attumen, but I didn't do a good job geneating aggro. I was struggling to do 200-300 TPS. I'm usually in the 500-600 range.

I decided I was going to stop waiting around and buy my Season 2 Gavel as soon as the run was over. But then as we started to clear to Moroes I noticed something. Righteous Fury, the buff that makes Paladin tanking possible was not on my bar.

I apologize to the raid for being a complete noob, and buffed myself. A Rogue wanted a shot at Moroes dagger, so we subbed him in. We used a Shackle and Trap combination on Moroes, cycling Cellestia's Blessing of Protection with my own. Moroes Garrotted me one time so I was able to Stoneform out of it. The Rogue was made very happy as the dagger he wanted dropped.

We moved onto Maiden. I did my usual switch from Tankadin to Healbot with a quick flick of my Item Rack button. Trelic said he wanted to see if I could hybrid, so this was as good as time as any. I assure you we had no impure thoughts as we made her take a dirt nap.

Next up was Nightbane. Picking up Skeletons isn't quite as simple as dropping a consecrate and letting Holy Shield do the rest. In addition to Consecrate and Holy Shield, I would tab target through the skeletons and taunt if they were not targeting me or a Warrior. Each attempt it seemed like we lost someone early on in the fight. Raydz was main tanking the encounter, and I was keeping up either Light or Wisdom and helping with the Skeletons. After wiping 3 times to him, we decided to move on to Curator and leave him for another night.

We brought in Jyspy, a Shadow Priest to replace our Warlock. Curator went down in one shot like the big bucket of bolts that he is. At this point, it was getting late so I had to call it a night. Not long after the rest of the raid called it as well.

I specifically haven't mentioned any loot from the bosses. I am trying to become less loot focused as I do instances. I can't control what drops, so I shouldn't worry about it.

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Raydz said...

I'm onto your new approach with not talking about loot as much.
Your trying to apply the rule of , if you want a woman to like you then pay less attention to her. Your thinking the less you want some loot the better chance you will have to get it. =) Im hopeing it works out for you, you have put in alot of work for some pieces with little reward.