Monday, October 8, 2007

Heroic Black Morass

"If you are not in over your head, do you know how tall you really are"

In between a couple of fantastic Heroic Mech, I got a tell from my old buddy, Wichita of Heroes Inc. He was asking if I would tank for Heroic Black Morass, generally thought to the be the toughest Heroic in the game. After some deliberation, I agree to the run. I know its going to be a repair bill, but I'd rather try and fail than not try at all.
I get probably the best 4 players in Heroes Inc. Wichita, Elemental Shaman. Lakini, Balance Druid. Origami, Feral Druid. Baconstrip, Resto Druid. This was an A-Team.
We start out clearing trash. Now, in most Heroics, Blizzard insanely buffed the trash, so we were cautious at first. No need. The trash is as easy in Heroic BM as it is in normal.
So we start the event. I really enjoy all the Caverns of Time instances because they are very different than all the others.
The first 5 portals go pretty well. The elites hit hard, but its not too bad. I did have some aggro problems. Lakini and Wichita can do some serious dps (700+dps sustained). On some portals, I didn't have time to get a full mana bar before rushing in. I tanked everything at the portal, but because of my mana issues some of the adds got through. I think Wichita took care of them. We managed to get the first 5 portals down and took down Chrono Lord Deja but we lost Lakini and Origami.
We got everyone rezzed up. Somewhere between portals 7 and 11, I went down. I'm not sure Bacon ran out of mana or got killed.
We tried again and did better this time. We didn't lose anyone at Deja. Interesting tidbit, you can only loot him 1 time per run. You can't reset a Heroic until the timer (12 hours) is up.
In our best attempt, we actually got up to the 2nd boss, Aoenus. I tanked him beside the portal and we used our Beacons to take care of the adds. The Haste buff he gives himself allows him to do Prince like damage. I used my Dawnstone Crab, which I'm seeing more and more use out of, and my Pots, and a Dense Stone Statue. If I do the instance again, I'll see if Wichita can purge it off of him.
He wiped us the first time, but we got him down the 2nd time, but we wiped to the very next portal and called it at that point.
It really felt like our first runs in Black Morass when we were fresh 70s. Blizzard did a nice job of tuning it up to give you a new challenge even though your gear has improved.
Now here's the crazy part. I want to get back in there. We can beat this thing.


Odius said...

There is a really nice tankadin belt that drops from the final boss in there as well.;source=live

Lakini said...

It was nice doing a heroic for the challenge and not easy for badges. We'll have to try it again

Origami said...

I agree, I think we can tackle this instance. We are almost there, we're just a little short here and there.