Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Honorshammer's Gear Compendium

The goal of this post is to explain the methodology I will use to rank the gear.

The strategy and tactic that I choose will be to build a mathmatical model to assign a score to each piece of equipment. I will call this score HammerPoints.

Stat on the equipment will be weighed the same way they are in the Blizzard item formula. For example each point of stamina will be worth .67 points in the formula. By taking this approach, what essentially you are getting is a score of how well the item points are used on the item for what you want them used for. New pieces can be quickly added, and changed pieces updated and recalculated quickly.

For the moment we will assume 1 Expertise point cost 1 item point.

The first aspect of tanking gear are the mitigation stats. These are Armor, Defense, Block Rating, Parry, Dodge, Block Value, and Expertise.


Mitigation = (Armor * .10) + Defense + Block Rating + Parry + Dodge + (Block Value*0.65) + Expertise

This will give us a Mitigation score (M).

The next aspect is Health. The only Health stat is Stamina.

Stamina = Stamina * 0.67

The final aspect to look at is Threat. Whereas the first two are very similar to Warrior concerns, threat is radically different for Paladins.

Threat = Spell Damage * 0.85

This will give us 3 scores. Combining all 3 scores gives an item score. I'm also going to look at the contribution each score makes to the final score and I will note when a piece is ranked where it is due to Threat.

There is also the question of sockets and how to use those in the evaulation. For my evaluation, I have assumed all sockets are filled with Solid Stars of Elune and ignored the socket bonus.

So know that you understand how I ranked the gear, let's see the results. I applied the formula to just under 500 pieces of gear. You can see the results here:


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