Monday, October 8, 2007

Item Review: Figurine: Dawnstone Crab

It's tough being a JC. We don't have any uber crafted epics. We can't craft anything of such power as to need a Primal Nether.

But one thing we can craft (once you hit Revered with Honor Hold) is the Dawnstone Crab.
At first I was not too impressed with this little baby, but the more I play, and the more I tank, the more I like it.

Basically, what you have here is a blue version of Moroes Lucky Pocketwatch.

What has happened is this has become one of my the first buttons I go for when things start getting a bit tight, that is anytime I drop under 40%.
The dodge on this thing gives my healers a little time to catch up and has saved me from dying on more than one occasion.

This along with my Darkmoon Card: Vengence are stables in my tanking set.
I still use Figurine of the Collosus for AoE grinding.
If you haven't been able to snag the Pocketwatch, or you are not in Kara yet, this is a good substitute. If you have the Pocketwatch and this, vendor the Dawnstone Crab. If you have the Pocketwatch and don't have this, don't bother crafting it.

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Galoheart said...

Nice Trinket, i envy that since i can never get that trinket as i'm not a JC.

Wish Alchemist could make some kind of Tank Trinket stone...dream on i guess.